Trials of Mana Best Hawkeye Classes Guide

Hawkeye in Trials of Mana is one of the swifter characters when it comes to dealing damage. In this Trials of Mana Best Hawkeye Classes guide, we will suggest some of the best classes to try out.

Trials of Mana Best Hawkeye Classes

Having the element of speed at his side, you will find him being able to charge his abilities up relatively quickly compared to other characters.

You might find a few of Hawkeye’s classes extremely redundant compared to the alternatives listed below. This guide will help you find the best suitable class to deal the maximum amount of damage as Hawkeye.

Thief – Base Class
The Base Class of Hawkeye is a bit weak and more susceptible to damage. With a fair amount of damage output, he can hold his own whilst being able to hit twice in one go.

Albeit, hHawkeye doesn’t have strong initial stats, he will be able to improve further by acquiring either Dark or Light power.

Stats Points
DEX 12
PIE 12

Ninja – Dark Class
The Dark Class increases the utility of Hawkeye. You will now be able to deal a decent amount of damage and inflict spells on your enemies that will consequently lower the stats of your targets.

Being able to bring down the defense of your enemies is a huge plus, combine that with Duran’s elemental spells, and you can absolutely tear apart an enemy in no time.

Stats Points
STR 12
DEX 10
CON 11

Spells: Shuriken, Water Jutsu, Fire Jutsu, Earth Jutsu, Thunder Jutsu.

Ranger – Light Class
Hawkeye’s Light Class makes him a Ranger. Giving him access to many spells and essentially making him a caster.

This isn’t generally the best class, considering characters having access to casting exclusively, aren’t exactly very strong. You won’t find this Hawkeye class very useful in battle.

Stats Points
STR 14
DEX 17
CON 15
INT 14
PIE 15
LUC 18

Spells: Arrow, Spike, Body Change, Sleep Flower.

Ninja Master – Dark-Light Class
You will now have the ability to cast Defense Down on your enemies, bringing everyone’s stats down making them vulnerable.

Having access to multitargeting your enemy with your Shuriken attack, you can clear enemies very quickly within an area.

Stats Points
STR 17
DEX 22
CON 19
INT 18
PIE 16
LUC 21

Spells: Shuriken, Water Jutsu, Fire Jutsu, Earth Jutsu, Thunder Jutsu.

Nightblade – Dark-Dark Class
Arguably one of the best classes available for Hawkeye, you gain high attack power with this Dark-Dark Class for Hawkeye.

You will gain various damaging spells and gain a significant amount of crowd control.

Stats Points
STR 18
DEX 21
CON 19
INT 17
PIE 17
LUC 20

Spells: Poison Breath, Flame Breath, Blow Needles, Deadly Weapon, Black Rain.

Rogue – Light-Dark Class
Rogue is bad for the same reasons as the Ranger class, becoming a caster primarily, you will lose a lot of firepower against your enemies.

Stats Points
STR 17
DEX 21
CON 19
INT 17
PIE 17
LUC 22

Spells: Rock Fall, Silver Dart, Land Mine, Grenade Bomb, Axe Bomber, Rocket Launcher, Crescent, Cutter Missile.

Wanderer – Light-Light Class
Wanderer isn’t the best class for Hawkeye, but isn’t entirely bad either. You get a considerable number of spells, out of which you will only find a handful amount useful.

Although, there is a lot of utility, there are definitely better options available for Hawkeye in Trials of Mana.

Stats Points
STR 16
DEX 20
CON 19
INT 16
PIE 18
LUC 21

Spells: Poison Bubble, Lunatic, Trans Shape, Life Booster, Aura Wave, Half Vanish, Counter Magic, Energy Ball.

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