Three Sisters Location In Elden Ring

Three Sisters is a smaller area in Liurnia of the Lakes region named after three NPC towers in the region. You will have to clear Caria Manor to access it.

In Elden Ring, the Three Sisters area consists of three towers named according to the different NPCs you can interact with on these towers. To begin different quests, and ace the game, you first need to interact with the NPC associated with that quest. Similarly, to begin Ranni’s The Witcher questline in Elden Ring, you first need to see Ranni at Ranni’s Rise inside Three Sisters.

Having trouble with the Location of the Three Sisters region in Elden Ring? Here is a complete guide that will take you through all the ups and downs you need to face to access Three Sister Tower in Elden Ring.

How to Reach Three Sisters Area

As mentioned before, Three Sisters Tower is a small area in Elden Ring, that has Three Towers, named according to the NPC you can find there. Three Towers you will find are Ranni’s, Rena’s, and Seluvisis’s Rise.

three sisters location in elden ring

In Elden Ring, Three Sisters is located in Liurnia of the Lakes region inside Caria Manor. As you enter the area, after fighting enemies, you will first see Ranni’s Rise near the entrance. Seluvis’s Rise is located at Ranni’s South and Renna’s towards the North.

How To Access Three Sisters

Three Sisters in Elden Ring, cannot be accessed by simply opening the map and going to the location. To access this you first need to pass through a little courtyard in Carnia Manor. The region is all protected by Royal Knight Loretta Boss, therefore, as you tend to cross the courtyard to reach Three Sisters, Royal Knight Loretta Boss will spawn on her Spirit Horse.

This Spirit of Royal Knight Loretta Boss, you will encounter can perform magic and melee attacks pretty good riding on her horse. Thus, you need to be very careful and dodge all her attacks timely using the Polearm’s ones. As you defeat Royal Knight Loretta Boss you can then access “Royal Moongazing Grounds Site Of Grace” and go to Three Sisters. Not just this, but you can also pick up Loretta’s Greatbow which is one of the best long-range weapons in Elden Ring.

Once, you have access to Three Sisters, you can then head towards Ranni’s Rise and interact with Ranni at the top to begin Ranni’s The Witcher Questline. However, you” ll also need to fight with Glintstone Dragon Adula and then you can finally climb to the tower’s top. While the dragon can be a tough sight, he will fly away after taking some damage. Moreover, the area provides sufficient cover to dodge and avoid Dragon’s attacks so you should be able to survive it if you have defeated the Loretta boss already.