Elden Ring Caria Manor Walkthrough

In Elden Ring Caria Manor is a Minor Dungeon that you will find in the Liurnia region. You will encounter...

In Elden Ring Caria Manor is a Minor Dungeon that you will find in the Liurnia region. You will encounter some small enemies and a boss here called Royal Knight Loretta. Notable loot that you can collect from here includes Loretta’s Greatbow, Loretta’s Slash Ash of War, Sword of Night and Flame, and some more.

How to Get to Caria Manor in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Caria Manor Location

To get to Caria Manor you must head extreme north in Liurnia. You need to continue moving forward on the western side of Lakes and you will see a large castle on top of the hill.

On your way to the castle entrance, you’ll be bombarded by a rain of magic from above! Make sure you approach the gate while riding on Torrent so that you can avoid all the magic bombardment.

Continue moving forward and you will reach the door of the Caria Manor. You can also check the map for the exact location.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Walkthrough

From the Caria Manor Gate, you can start moving forward and enter it. You must move forward on the side of the main path so you can collect different items.

Exploring the entire area of Caria Manor nets you some great items like Glintstone Craftsman Cookbook, Somber Smithing Stones, etc.

Explore the whole courtyard to see for corpses with loot. On the left side of the courtyard, you will find the Glintstone Fireflies, Rimed Crystal Buds, and Golden Runes.

You can kill even kill the creepy Spider hands to farm Somber Smithing Stones. Do note that there is no shortage of spider hands here and that many of them are buried in the ground waiting to grab you. You can see where they are by looking for fingers jutting out of the ground.

Summon some spirits here to quickly dispatch all the spider hands. Your spirits may target randomly here and even at the ground, this is because they are actually trying to hit the underground spiderhands.

The Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook can be found on the right side of the courtyard inside a small room. There you will also find a Sorcerer.

If you continue the pathway behind the fountain, you will also find the Teardrop Scarab that can give you the Carian Piercer spell.

Caria Manor Lower level

After that, you can go all the way to the Church and rest at the Site of Grace there. Under the table in the Church, you can also collect the Somber Smithing Stone from a corpse.

Now, you can follow the path and from the first tower turn on the left path and move forward. From the end, you can collect the Rune Arc.

From here, you have to drop down on the structure below. Move forward and drop down further to reach a ladder that will take you inside the room.

Inside the room, you can collect the Sword of Night and Flame from a chest. Exit that room and get all the way back to Site of Grace at the Church and rest there.

After that, you can follow the straight path instead of the one you take before. This time from the Tower drop down on the structures at the right side and explore the area.

Now again back to Church and this time you must move straight on the pathway with pillars till you reach a room with a hollow space. There you will see a lever on the left side. Pull the lever and wait till the lift came.

Stand on the switch of the lift and it will take you all the way up to the upper level of Manor. Move forward and rest at the Site of Grace there.

Caria Manor Upper Level

After that, you can exit from the door on the left side and explore the whole area there to collect different items like flowers, Rimed Crystal Buds, etc.

Back to the door from where you exit the Site of Grace and take a right this time to get to a ladder going up. Climb on the roof and move forward and upward using the stairs.

From there you can go towards the main stairs and battle with a big enemy to get the Troll Knight’s Sword.

From there you can explore the complete area on the right side of the stairs and once done you can again come back here to move upstairs. There you will reach a big circular pool where you encounter Royal Knight Loretta, a particularly strong dungeon boss!

How to Defeat Royal Knight Loretta

Royal Knight Loretta is Boss on a Horse. He is quite mobile and isn’t afraid to close the distance to mow you down. What’s even worse is that Loretta uses Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery to snipe you from afar and some other Glintstone sorceries.

The best strategy here is to find your opening and jump heavy attack the boss. This way you’ll do lots of stance damage and general damage. It’s best if you have something to build bleed to significantly damage Loretta.

Do watch out for some of Loretta’s Glinstone sorceries as they may go through your shield to deal chip damage and even take a chunk of stamina out. Also summon spirits if you can to take some of Loretta’s agro.

Eventually, Loretta will fall and you’ll receive Loretta’s Greatbow sorcery and Loretta’s Slash Ash of War

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