How To Respec In The Witcher 3

Reset your skills to try out new builds.

Geralt is considered one of the strongest witchers in the lore, but even he has room to learn new skills with experience. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, leveling up means earning ability points that can be spent in skill trees to unlock new skills. However, especially for first-timers, this can go wrong.

You may end up spending ability points on the wrong skills. You may even want to level up a different build that requires you to spend more in the signs tree instead of the combat tree.

In such situations, you will want to respec your skills in TW3. To do that, you need to wait (more or less) until the end of the game before getting access to a highly rare potion that resets your ability points.

How to reset ability points in The Witcher 3

The only way to respec skills in The Witcher 3 base game is by drinking the Potion of Clearance. It resets all of your ability points, allowing you to redistribute them through the skill trees according to your requirements.

You cannot craft a Potion of Clearance in the game. You can only purchase it from certain merchants and that too at an extremely expensive price. You will need 1000 crowns to purchase one Potion of Clearance.

Take note that you can only consume it once. If you accidentally spend your ability points on a wrong skill or tree, you will need to drink another Potion of Clearance to respec all over again.

There is also another potion called Potion of Restoration that is part of the Blood and Wine expansion pack. It allows you to reset all ability points that were spent on mutations. Do take note that you will only get back your ability points, not the mutagens.

Mutations were introduced in Blood and Wine as a new character development feature. You can spend mutagens and ability points in a skill tree of sorts to unlock new skills for Geralt.

Similar to Potion of Clearance, you cannot craft a Potion of Restoration. You can only purchase it from certain merchants for 1000 crowns.

However, as mentioned before, Potion of Restoration is part of the Blood and Wine storyline, not the base game. You will need the expansion pack to access the merchants that sell the potion.


In summary, Potion of Clearance and Potion of Restoration allows you to respec in The Witcher 3. However, to use Potion of Restoration to reset skills, you will need the Blood and Wine expansion.

Where to purchase Potion of Clearance to reset skills

Something important to note is that you will get a free Potion of Clearance after starting a New Game Plus playthrough. Since you get to keep all of your ability points and gear, you can respec your skill trees before replaying the entire storyline again.

Furthermore, if you decide to play on the highest difficulty setting, you will definitely need to redistribute your ability points for a Death March build.

If you have farmed enough gold, head to any of the following merchants to purchase a Potion of Clearance. Each merchant only sells one Potion of Clearance per day, so have to visit them all to buy them out.

  • Keira Metz, a sorceress, can be found during her quest and at Kaer Morhen if you decide to keep her alive.
  • Gremist, a master alchemist who can be found in Gedyneith, Skellige.
  • Yolar, a druid merchant who can be found living under Gedyneith in Skellige.
  • Unnamed Merchant found in the Gildorf district, across the bridge from Temple Isle in Novigrad also sells Potion of Clearance.
  • Visiting the Wine Merchant at Chuchote Cave and Dun Taynne Hillside in The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion.
  • Visit the Herbalist in Castel Ravello, Coronata Vinyard, and Hortense Vinyard.

Where to purchase a Potion of Restoration

The following merchants are exclusive to Toussaint, a new country that you get to explore in Blood of Wine. They will sell you not only the Potion of Restoration but also the Potion of Clearance.

  • Perfumery, located east of the Infirmary in Hauteville, Beauclair.
  • Herb Store, located northwest of Orianna’s estate in Hauteville, Beauclair.
  • Herbalist found in Coronata Vineyard, Sansretour Valley, after you have rescued her.
  • Wine Merchant found in Dun Tynne Hillside of Dun Tynne Castle.
  • Wine Merchant at Chuchote cave in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Use console commands or mods to reset skills in The Witcher 3

While not exactly a mod to let you reset skills, the Cheaper Respec Potions mod can be highly useful to help you respec in TW3.

By using the Cheaper Respec Potions (Next Gen) mod in TW3, the price of the Potion of Restoration is lowered significantly by a whopping 90 percent, making it available at just a price of 100 crowns. This way, you can purchase it and respec the skills according to your preference.

The Potion of Clearance also has its price reduced to 100 crowns as well. This way, you will be able to change the ability points that you used earlier for mutations around your build.

If you don’t want to spend those 100 crowns either, you can use console commands to add respec potion to your inventory in The Witcher 3. In order to do that, you will need to open the command console and enter the inventory command Additem(‘Clearing Potion’)

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