The Witcher 3 Mutagens Guide

This guide will go over how mutagens work in The Witcher 3 and how you can farm and convert lower rarity ones into higher ones.

Mutagens are considered very important in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Mutagens are specialized items that are dropped by several monsters. You can equip a Mutagen to acquire different bonuses. Furthermore, placing a Mutagen next to an ability of the same color will increase the character abilities’ efficiency by 100%.

The Mutagens are categorized into Lesser Mutagens, Normal Mutagens, and Greater Mutagens, further divided into Green, Red, and Blue Mutagens. This guide provides an overview of how to farm all-color Mutagens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How to farm Mutagens in The Witcher 3

The best and fast way to get the Mutagens is to go to the Wale graveyard on Skellige, which you can find on the east of Skellige’s central Island and now farm 18-level drowners. Every drowner at level 18 will give you one lesser Witcher 3 mutagen.

One time it will be a green mutagen, another time, it will be a red mutagen; and then it will be a blue mutagen another time. Drowners are necrophages, so use necrophage oil, especially a higher level of necrophage oil which will give 50% more damage against drowners.

I prefer to use Quen shield protection, but drowners are vulnerable against Igni, the fire sign, so if you’re skilled in your Igni sign, that’s very helpful against drowners, and you can farm them very simply.

After killing those 4-5 drowners, meditate for a few hours, and 4-5 drowners will appear again. Since you meditated, you’re at full health and have all your potions which you can use and kill the drowners very fast. 

After you kill the drowners, use your Witcher Senses to check out where the loot is and where the corpses are and get all those lesser mutagens.

It’s a little bit safer to meditate just slightly outside the center of the Wale graveyard, so you don’t wake up from the meditation in the middle of drowners.

Mutagen conversion

The conversion of mutagen work with the alchemy system. These conversion items can be found in the game’s treasure chests or dead bodies of your enemies.

The other most straightforward way to get this conversion formula is to buy it from Alchemy Supplies Merchant in Downtown Beauclair.

You can make one normal mutagen from 3 lesser mutagens and can make one greater mutagen from 3 normal mutagens. The lesser mutagen will give you a 5% bonus, the normal one will provide you with a 7% bonus, and the greater mutagen will give you a 10% bonus.

  • You can buy the Mutagen Conversion Formula as follows.
  • You can buy Lesser Mutagens Formula by 190 Crowns.
  • You can buy Normal Mutagens Conversion Formula for 209 Crowns.
  • You can buy Greater Mutagens Conversion Formula for 246 Crowns.

Best Mutagens in The Witcher 3

The mutagens are not permanent. Here is the list of best mutagens in the Witcher 3 game:

  • Noonwraith Mutagen
  • Earth Elemental Mutagen
  • Troll Mutagen
  • Griffin Mutagen
  • Chord Mutagen
  • Forktail Mutagen
  • Grave Hag Mutagen
  • Archgriffin Mutagen
  • Ancient Leshen Mutagen
  • Arachas Mutagen
  • Nightwraith Mutagen

Mutagen locations in The Witcher 3

Chort Mutagen: You can find Chort Mutagen in Mystrios Tracks in the side quest of the game.

Archgriffin Mutagen: You can find it at Master Armorers or during The Creature from Oxenfort Forest.

Ekhidna Mutagen: Ekhidna is found throughout the game, including Skellige’s coastlines.

Earth Elemental Mutagen: You can find it in Brothers in Arms or Doors Slamming Shut (side quest). Also, in the north of The House of Respite and east of Kimbolt.

Grave Hag Mutagen: You can find it in The Merry Window (side quest).

Ancient Leshen Mutagen: You can find it In the Heart of The Wood (side quest) and Dark Legacy in The Heart of The Stone DLC (side quest).

Forktail Mutagen: You can find Forktail mutagen in the side quest named Dragon.

Griffin Mutagen: You can find Griffin Mutagen in The Beast of White Orchard quest.

Noonwraith Mutagen: Noonwraith is a relic-tier mutagen in TW3. It is an alchemy ingredient and is used to craft noonwraith decoctions. Like all other mutagens, they can only be dropped by defeating Noonwraiths. They act like lesser green mutagens when placed in the diamond-shaped slots in the character panel.

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