The Witcher 3: Best Skills To Level Early Game

Investing points in the correct abilities can turn the tide of battle in The Witcher 3 so allow us to recommend the best skills for you.

Being an RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can overwhelm almost all players with the extensive skill tree it offers to all players. Unless you aim for a specific build in The Witcher 3, deciding which skills to pick up can take time and effort.

Not all skills are equal. Each skill category helps Geralt grow and become stronger in different ways. Selecting skills on your first playthrough, or even if you are trying out something new, determining the skills best suited for you can be a huge pain.


Luckily, you get a total of 123 skill points to invest if you collect all places of power in NG+, so you can pretty much upgrade every skill The Witcher 3 has to offer.

We have created a list of the best skills you should level up first in The Witcher 3 and the benefits of each one so you can customize your build.

1. Gourmet

Gourmet Skills allows all your food to regenerate your HP for 20 minutes continuously. Not in-game minutes, real minutes. The Skill requires 0 Points invested in General Skills, making it the absolute best early-game General Skill you can invest in TW3.

Most of the resources are scarce in the early game, and since most players will still be getting used to the combat in The Witcher 3, using basic food as a source of constant HP regen will be an immense help. It allows players to take more risks regarding early game engagements.

2. Strong Back

Strong Back is one of the best abilities in The Witcher 3 that you should consider leveling up as it increases Geralt’s inventory limit by 60. The Strong Back skill can be found in the General Skill category and requires absolutely 0 Points invested. This means you can get it at the start of the game.

You don’t have a lot of gear at the start of the game, and you aren’t strong enough to tank most of the attacks, so you need to be able to carry not only a lot of potions and consumables but also any new and better gear that you might find. Therefore, you must carry a lot of weight early on.

As you progress, you get more robust gear, which is also heavier than the starting gear, so you need this one ability in the late game as well so you can make sure you are well-equipped at all times.


If the Strong Back perk is not working for you, then you should try to activate this skill first. You need to be on the stats screen where you upgrade this particular skill. After that, you can place it onto your skill bar, and this way, you will notice an increase in your weight limit in TW3.

3. Melt Armor

Melt Armor allows you to reduce enemy armor when you cast the Igni sign. The Melt Armor skill is found under the Signs skill tree in TW3 Wild Hunt and, again, is the earliest Skill you can get in the tree. 

Igni Sign is already an excellent tool in your arsenal, allowing you to burn multiple enemies at close range, but this Skill further boosts the damage output. You can repeatedly cast Igni to weaken enemy armor up to 75%. 

The Skill works wonders on enemies already weak to Igni or highly armored. Geralt can increase the total damage dealt while dealing damage himself. 

4. Undying 

Undying ability replenishes Geralt’s HP when it reaches 0 using the adrenaline point that you have accumulated during the fight, making Undying one of the best perks to unlock in The Witcher 3. The skill is under the Combat Skill tree, and you need to have invested 8 points in the skill tree before you can unlock Undying. 

You become invincible. Geralt’s adrenaline points will replenish some of his HP every time you die. In a fight, you can stack up more Adrenaline Points in a short amount of time. Geralt will become immortal using this Skill. 

5. Focus

Focus allows you to increase your weapon and sign damage as you stack up adrenaline points. Again, the Skill is found under the General Skill tree, and you must have invested 0 points in the tree to get this Skill.

Focus skill is the most versatile ability in The Witcher 3. Best for every build you can think of and is perfect for any play style. Geralt’s damage naturally increases as you grow more robust, and the Focus skill allows you to boost that damage further.

For any player struggling against enemies in any combat, the focus is a must-have Skill. It is straightforward to unlock the Skill, and you can even get it early on.

6. Fleet Footed

The Fleet Footed skill is one of the best combat skills in The Witcher 3 as it reduces the damage from hits that land while dodging by 20%. Found under the Combat Skill tree, you need to have invested 8 points in the tree beforehand to unlock the Fleet Footed skill. 

Video game logic dictates that while dodging, even the god himself cannot hit you because of the I-frames. Witcher 3 did not follow the logic, and you are still vulnerable to hits during dodges, which were used to avoid getting hit in the first place. 

Well, even as annoying as it might be, the Fleet Footed ability allows you to negate the damage while dodging. As you progress with the skill, you can get up to 100% damage negation while dodging. You also get adrenaline points when you get hit, which has its own benefits. 

7. Sunder Armor

Sunder Armor ability can work wonders for your build, making it one of the best combat skills in TW3 since reduces enemy damage resistances when you land heavy attacks. You can find it under the Combat Skill tree, and you need to have invested 30 points in the tree to unlock this skill.

Unless you are going for a ranged-only build, you will be using heavy attacks at some point. They do deal better damage, so why not make them better? Sunder Armor allows you to reduce enemy damage resistance by 5% on every heavy attack you land.

As you upgrade the Skill, you can upgrade it to a 25% resistance reduction per hit. This, with Melt Armor, will make you a juggernaut eating through health bars like they are nothing. 

8. Exploding Shield

Exploding Shield allows your Quen shield to push back all enemies when it breaks. You can find it in the Sign Skill tree, and you don’t need any prior investment in the tree to get it. 

The Skill works best when fighting multiple enemies. Your shield will knock back all enemies, allowing you to get the upper hand to either attack or retreat when surrounded or even fighting a defensive enemy.

As you upgrade the Skill, you will also deal damage, with a chance of knockdown on every shield break. 

9. Survival Instincts 

Survival Instincts ability increases Geralt’s total HP pool. The Skill is found under the General Skill tree, and you need to have invested 0 points in the tree to get this Skill.

More HP is always better, no question. Investing in the Survival Instinct skill is a good choice, considering that it is the best general skill to choose early on in The Witcher 3. Survival Instincts skill is almost essential for the early game when you don’t have enough resources to make sure that your HP can stay topped up, so it’s better to have more HP altogether when facing tougher enemies early on during your playthrough. 

10. Far-Reaching Aard

As the name suggests, Far Reaching Aard increases the range of the Aard sign in TW3. The skill is found under the Sign Skill tree and, again, is the earliest Skill you can get in the tree.

Aard Sign is for providing a breathing room whenever hordes of enemies ambush you. This especially stands true for small and pathetic enemies that attack in groups. With an increased range on Aard, you can keep these groups in check. The range of your attack increases with each subsequent upgrade of the skill. 

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