How To Get More Ability Slots With Mutations In The Witcher 3

Search Moreau's labs to unlock the secrets of mutations.

You only get 12 ability slots over the course of progression to equip skills in the base game. Once you hit level 30 in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you are likely going to be searching for ways to get more slots. Unfortunately, you cannot unlock more slots, at least not in the base game.

The Blood and Wine expansion pack introduced a new character upgrade system called Mutations. It allows you to create new bonuses and passives and, most importantly, unlocks additional skill slots.

That is the only way to get more slots in The Witcher 3. However, Mutations are initially locked. You need to complete a certain quest, Turn and Face the Strange, and achieve certain objectives before you get access to Mutations.

Turn and Face the Strange is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3 that will begin automatically after you complete Blood Run. You will receive a letter from either Triss or Yennefer, depending on whom you romanced in the base game, to get the ball rolling.


If you plan to get Aerondight, tip the boy who brings the letter during Turn and Face the Strange in The Witcher 3 to get proof of Generosity for There Can Only Be One.

Find Dr Moreau’s grave

The letter will mention research conducted by the late Professor Moreau on witcher mutations. There will also be an Old map of Toussaint as a quest item.

Once you have read the letter, make your way to Orlemur’s Cemetery south of Temple Cemetery to find his grave. Unfortunately, someone has beaten you to it. The grave is empty.

Use your Witcher Senses to find and follow a trail of footprints that will lead you nowhere. So, open your inventory and check the Old Map of Toussaint for more clues.

You will get a new location to go to. Head over there and dive into the water to discover a portal that leads you to the ruins.

Navigate through the ruins

There are several traps and dangers here for you to avoid. You can cross the spike traps for loot before climbing down to find a room with two specters. These are fast, so spam Quen and play defensively.

Once the Specters have been defeated, continue down the path, and you’ll find Moreau’s diary as another quest item with more clues.

Keep going until you reach a room with a locked door on the other side. If you inspect the door, you’ll figure out that you need to push some blocks using your crossbow. Two blocks are on the right side of the door, and the third one is on the left. For the fourth block, look towards the broken wall in the middle of the room.

Make your way to the end, where there are Gargoyle statues. One of them will come to life. Kill it, and the statue will drop its hand. Place the hand on the pedestal to open several portals.

Solve the portal puzzle

To solve the portal puzzle in The Witcher 3 Turn and Face the Strange quest, you simply have to enter portals in the correct order. The direction is told from Geralt’s perspective once he goes through the portal.

  • Left
  • Right
  • Straight ahead. Jump down and then climb up the rock across from you to get through.
  • Go down, then climb up twice using the stones right in front of the statue and go through the portal.

To make matters easy, just look where the central statue is facing. Always go into the portal that the central statue is looking at to reach Dr Moreau’s lab in Turn and Face the Strange quest in TW3.

Search Professor Moreau’s laboratory

You will now find yourself in a laboratory with all sorts of equipment. You need to find a Megascope and two Megascope Crystals using your Witcher Senses. The first crystal is on the desk. The second is on a bench behind the machine.

Return and activate the Megascope to learn that Professor Moreau was trying to find a cure for the witcher mutation. However, his research only buffed the mutation further.

Perform the research to unlock Mutations

You now need to repeat his research in the laboratory. To do so, you need some Giant Centipede Eggs from a nearby cave. Use the hole in one of the cages in Moreau’s lab to reach a mutated giant centipede nest.

Use a torch to see the way, and you’ll encounter some giant centipedes. Defeat them by using Yrden, so they won’t be able to burrow and land your strikes until they go under again.

Once they are defeated, you’ll find some eggs in a small space. Interact with the eggs and you will get Mutated giant centipede albumen as a quest item.

Get back to the laboratory and place the quest item in the mutation machine. Activate the machine, and you will unlock Mutations in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Leave the laboratory by activating a portal. Use the Aard sign on the stone, and a portal will open. It would take you out in the water from the spot where you came in. This will conclude the quest Turn and Face Strange.

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