Best The Sims 4 Challenges To Try

Life mimicking games like Sims 4 can be dull and repetitive because you are so used to the life activities in real life. To cancel that effect, players across the globe have made challenges with only one goal in mind. Kill the Boredom. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best challenges to try in The Sims 4.

The biggest plus of playing the game in the challenge is that you get to experience new places, which will spice up your whole gameplay. But to play fair, you must follow the rules and regulations of the challenge. Reading this guide lets you learn about the best challenges to try in Sims 4.

What are the Challenges in The Sims 4?

The definition of challenge is trying something difficult for fun’s sake. The same mentality of players is here. They want to spice their gameplay with the challenges because they got bored with the regular gameplay. These challenges are made by the most influential people on the internet, so they set the rules for challenges.

Your sim must complete the challenge while following the set rules. You can find hundreds of challenges, but you want to do the challenge that suits your personality and is also liked by most players around the globe.

Best Challenges

There are hundreds of challenges in Sims 4, but we have made a list of one of the best and top challenges.

  1. The Rags to Riches Challenge

This challenge is very interesting as it completes the definition of a self-made and self-proclaimed person. To complete this challenge, you need to start from an empty pocket to become a rich and influential person.

The rules for this challenge are simple. Start with the challenge in a homeless state and having no money in the pocket. You need to first build a house, look for a job and then start the family at last

Your sim needs to develop interesting ways to earn money as he can’t have a job in this challenge until he has a house. The best way to earn money at the start is to look for collectibles in the ground by digging or fishing.

To complete the challenge, your home must be substantial enough to qualify as wealthy, and your professional life must be a complete success. This rule applies to your wife; she should be successful in her career too.

  1. The Not So Berry Challenge

This is a color-based legacy challenge and plays through ten generations. You will start with the mint color theme; therefore, your sim will have mint eyes and clothing. To jump to next-generation, your sim must max out mischief skill and career and complete the elements collection.

After you have completed the mint color challenge, you will then be faced with “rose,” followed by “yellow,” “green,” and many more. This challenge doesn’t stop you from using the cheats, but only those cheats will work that will have the right color

  1. The Black Widow Challenge

Does anyone have the killer vibes? You will have a challenge after this because, as the name indicates, it involves killing your husband. Like other challenges, this challenge also has a lot of rules.

To make someone a widow, you must marry her to a spouse. For this challenge, you need to marry 10 affluent husbands. But you must kill first and take their wealth to move on to the next. You have to get creative on how you want to kill your husband. There are several ways, including whacking him with the baseball bat or giving him poisonous food

  1. Disney Princess Challenge

This challenge is very similar to the legacy challenges. You will have to live a life of a different Disney princess throughout the challenge.

Living the life of a princess is a challenge, and you must marry 10 in one lifetime. This requires professional playing because first, you must know each Disney princess, which most of us already know, and second, you must wait for each princess story to finish to marry another.

You will start as snow white and then have 7 children from a prince. One of these seven children will be Cinderella. When Cinderella becomes a teenager, you will start playing as her, and then you will play as her daughter Tiana. When Tiana becomes an adult, you will open a restaurant because of her cooking skills and so on until you pass 10 generations.

  1. The 100 Babies Challenge

One of the most famous challenges for female sims is the 100 Baby Challenge. As easy as it sounds, this challenge has its own rules, and after reading them, you will not find it easy.

As the name indicates, you need to have 100 children. But the challenges start with the requirement that you bear children with your husband for once. You can be 3 if you are lucky for once. And next time, you need to find your next husband and repeat the process until you have a hundred children.

While taking care of your children who are already born, you cannot have any part-time or full-time work. So, you have to depend entirely on your husband for your financial needs

One good thing is that if you can’t have more babies, your challenge will be transferred to your daughter, and you lose if you don’t have any daughters.

  1. Legacy Challenge

It is a similar challenge to the Rags to Riches, but you have to build a family tree of ten generations with nothing in your pocket this time.

The sim which will start the challenge has to be made in Create-a-Sim. Then we will move him to an empty lot without the help of cheats.

There she will marry a person like any normal sim, but due to this challenge, she will have babies, and then her life is transferred to one of the babies until she becomes old enough to marry and have children. The process is repeated until she has 10 generations.

  1. Decades Challenge

This challenge involves 10 generations, which is quite like the Legacy Challenge. But the difference arises that each generation will be in different past time and decades apart. If you want to feel nostalgic and at the same time like the Legacy challenge, this challenge is for you.

This challenge will give you a trip back in time and insight into what challenges people were facing in terms of utilities. You will not have electricity and running water for three decades starting with 1980. As I said before, you must decorate your home according to your time. To complete this challenge, you must get creative.

  1. Homeless Challenge

As weird as it sounds, you must create a sim like you normally do, empty his pockets, and drop him anywhere on the map. He will have no place to stay and sleep. He does have to rely solely on public places to shower.

The difficulty is that your sim cannot have a job to earn money, but to complete this challenge, you must own a house. After that, you will not be called homeless, and the challenge will be finished.

To earn money, you must get creative and do treasure collection fishing just like you would do in Rags and Riches Challenge.

  1. Runaway Teen Challenge

For this challenge, you must live in a house full of runaway teens and do all the things you would do as a runaway teen, like living without money and running away from people.

The rules for this challenge are simple. You will hop from lot to lot as a settler and cannot interconnect with any adult, but you can connect with teens your age. You cannot go to a school or get a job. Once you have earned enough money to buy a house, the challenge will be complete.

  1. Apocalypse Challenge

Remember watching an episode of doomsday preppers. Well, this challenge has the same vibe as you must practice living alone in a bunker. This challenge will test your knowledge, and all the game expertise will be handy in playing this.

The challenge is to survive in a world that has faced an apocalypse. Like other challenges, you must start with empty pockets or any employment. You must survive all the harsh elements the game will throw at you. To complete the challenge, you must get a job without using any cheat

  1. The Asylum Challenge

If you like to watch the Love Island show, you will love this challenge. In this challenge, you must create the Asylum and place five Sims with completely different traits. The challenge is to do everything in your power to make them leave the place, and when they leave, you will win the challenge

This challenge will require using all your handy skills to guess the traits of all the other teens and do opposite stuff to prove that they are insane. When you are left alone, you can prove your mental health, and he can discharge you from the Asylum. This will finish the challenge.

  1. The Serial Killer Challenge

As the name indicates, this challenge requires you to kill as many people as possible within three weeks using different death types. But the rule is to not ask for anyone to move into your house. Any mods that would cause deaths cannot be used.

Going to different places, making friends, and then inviting them to your place is also prohibited, but if someone comes to your house street, you can invite them and kill them once they are inside.

Now that you know about the best challenges to try, if you are still bored and want something new to do in The Sims 4, check out our best mods guide and find interesting mods that suit your playstyle.

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