The Sims 4 Careers Guide

In Sims 4, you are given a lot of careers to choose from. Some of these careers are available from the beginning of the game, and some came with the expansion packs and mods. This guide will cover all the careers, whether present in the game from the start or the ones you get through the expansion packs and mods and teach you how to unlock career items in Sims 4 and which ones are the highest paying jobs.

Actor Career

The Actor career in Sims 4 is all about acting and shooting. You will be in the spotlight and have to join one of the four talent agencies unlocked when you are close to the middle level of your actor career.

This career doesn’t get divided into branches; your main income source are gigs that talent agencies line up.

Astronaut Career

As an Astronaut in Sims 4, the galaxy is a place you love, spend most of your time in, and make arrangements to travel space. After leveling up, the astronaut career is divided into two branches: Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler.

Athlete Career

An athlete’s career is about strength, speed, intelligence, and endurance. Once you level up in an Athlete career, you are given two branches to choose from.

The first branch is Professional Athlete, which is about playing some sport. The other one is Bodybuilder, in which you will be building your body.

Business Career

A Business Career is for anyone looking to make money and doesn’t want to do some typical job. After leveling up, this career is divided into two branches: Management and Investor.

Civil Designer Career

If you choose this career, your main focus will be designing solutions for all environmental problems. You will be discussing different ways with the Sims to make their world a better place to live. The Civil Designer career is divided into two branches which are Green Technician and Civil Planner.

Conservationist Career

As a conservationist, you will be working to protect your environment from different kinds of dangers. You have to educate people to conserve their environment. The Conservationist career gets divided into two branches after leveling up: Marine Biologist and Environmental Manager.

Criminal Career

If you are a Sim who wants to break the rules and lead the mafia, then a Criminal Career is the one you should choose. In this career, you are given two branches to choose from. You can either go with the Boss branch or the Oracle branch.

Critic Career

If you like to give an opinion about something and want it to matter, then a Critic Career is for you. In this career, whether you go with the Art Critic branch or Food Critic branch, you have opinions about both art and food, which others will listen to carefully.

Culinary Career

The Culinary career is for someone who likes to cook and make drinks to earn money. In this career, you can choose the Chef branch or Mixologist branch and make your career in it. You will be making a good amount of money in both these career branches.

Detective Career

A detective career is pretty much like the Police, but you wouldn’t be taking leaves in this. You will get outfits like Police in this and earn money as well. It is an active career with no other branch to choose from.

Doctor Career

The doctor career is another active career in Sims 4 that you can choose if you want to save lives. You will unlock many items like Standing Surgical Light and a Full-size skeleton while leveling up in this career. The doctor’s career is not divided into any other branch.

Educationist Career

If you love teaching or managing teaching institutes, Educationist is the career you should go with. This is not only a noble career but also a rewarding one. This career has two branches for you to choose from Professor and Administrator.

Engineering Career

An engineering career is for someone who likes to solve today’s world problems with modern and creative solutions. You can become both Computer Engineer and Mechanical Engineer if you choose this career.

Entertainer Career

Entertainer career in Sims 4 is just what its name suggests. It is a career in which you will entertain the audience through acting or music. This career has two branches for you to choose from.

One is a Musician, and the other is Comedian. Both the branches are good when it comes to the money you will be making.

Freelancer Career

Like in the real world, you can choose the Freelancer career in Sims 4 and be your boss. You will find different trades to work on. This career gives you three branches to choose from and make your freelance career in it.

The first is a writer, the second is a Programmer, and the third and the last is Artist.

Gardener Career

A gardener career is for someone who loves greenery and plants. You can make growing plants in your garden and start making money from it as well. This career gets divided into branches which are Botanist and Floral Designer. As you follow the Gardener career, you’ll also learn how to grow a cowplant in Sims 4.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator is an active career in Sims 4 without any other branch. At the max level of this career, you will become a certified interior designer who will earn some good cash. Your job in this career is to find some interior design work and complete it to get paid.

Law Career

As a lawyer, you will be helping Sims with their legal issues and fighting for public causes. It is quite a rewarding career because you will receive some good amounts. The Law career is divided into two branches once you level up. The first one is Judge, and the other is Private Attorney.

Military Career

The military is not an easy career and requires a lot of physical fitness and leadership skills. You need to prove yourself if you want to reach higher ranks. You can either select the Officer branch or the Covert Operator branch.

Painter Career

As a painter, you will be creating your world with brushes. You can create masterpieces that can make you a rich Sim instantly. As a painter, you have two branches to choose from. The first branch will be Patron of the Arts and the second one is Master of the Real Branch.

Politician Career

A politician is one of the public service careers that you can pursue in Sims 4. You will be protesting against unjust things and gathering donations for some noble deeds.

It does not just end here. You will also be gathering bribes as this is quite an interesting career. After leveling up, you can choose the Politician or Charity Organizer branches.

Scientist Career

As a scientist, you will work on discoveries and improve the things that have already been discovered. This career wouldn’t be divided into any branches. You will make good money as a scientist and unlock new outfits and laboratories.

Social Media Career

If you choose the Social Media career, you will be answering different questions from your followers. You have to blog and arrange some meet-ups, so the followers continue to follow you.

If you level up in this career, you will be given two branches to choose from. The first is Internet Personality, and the other is Public Relations.

Secret Agent Career

As a secret agent, you will live a completely secret life. After leveling up in this career, you have two branches to choose from, which are quite the opposite. The first one is Diamond Agent, where you will work for the good Sims. The other is Villain, which will take you on the path to becoming the bad guy.

Style Influencer Career

Style Influencer will be setting new trends for the other Sims to follow. You have two branches to choose from if you opt for this career for yourself. The first one is the stylist in which you will give Sims makeovers and get them ready for different occasions. The other one is Trend Setter; in this, you will be setting new trends for other Sims to follow.

Self Employed

In Sims 4, you can opt for Self Employment and be your boss. In Self Employed career, you will mostly sell items you create or get. As a self-employed Sim, you have a lot of work options. You can do painting, gardening, fishing, etc.

Salary Person Career

In the salary person career, you will be working for different entities and get paid for your work. After leveling up, you will be given two branches to choose from. The first one is a Supervisor branch in which you will be monitoring different things. The other branch that you can choose is Expert.

Tech Guru Career

If you have great computer skills like programming, then you can go with the Tech Guru career. This career has two branches for you to choose from. The first one is eSport Gamer, and the other is Start-Up Entrepreneur.

Vet Career

Becoming a Vet in Sims 4 is a very easy process. However, you cannot directly choose Vet as a Career by normal means. You need to have a steady bank before starting a Vet clinic. There is no specific branch that you can select.

Writer Career

As a writer in Sims 4, you will be getting paid for your words. The money you will earn depends on your writing skills in this career. After leveling up in this career, you can choose from two branches.

The first one is Author in which you will be writing books. The other one is Journalist who is related to the News.

Best Careers Tier List To Make More Money

The best career to make more money in Sims 4 depends on your chosen branch. But to make things a little easier for you, we have created the best career tier list for you to make more money in Sims 4. If Careers are something that doesn’t interest you and you want to make tons of money, we can also teach you how to get infinite money in Sims 4 through cheats.

This tier list is based on how much money you will make at the end of the week. The reason behind this is that you will be playing this game for a longer period, so what matters the most is how much money you are making in the long run.

The S-tier careers will be making the most money, and the amount of money decreases as you move down to tiers A, B, and C.

S-Tier Careers List

  • Military
  • Style Influencer
  • Astronaut
  • Gardener

A-Tier Careers List

  • Business
  • Secret Agent
  • Criminal
  • Doctor
  • Scientist

B-Tier Careers List

  • Detective
  • Politician
  • Social Media
  • Athlete
  • Culinary
  • Entertainer

C-Tier Career List

  • Critic
  • Tech Guru
  • Painter
  • Writer

You might have noticed that some careers are missing from the list, like Freelancer, Self Employed, etc. The reason behind not including these careers is there is no fixed money that you can make in these careers.

Sometimes you can make even more money than the S-Tier careers and sometimes even less than the C-Tier careers. The money you can make in these careers depends on your work.

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