How To Unlock Career Items in The Sims 4

This guide teaches you how to unlock career items in The Sims 4 and also mentions some of the most useful cheats for doing so.

Your Sim can earn Career Rewards, special items, after completing certain levels in your chosen profession in the Sims 4. These career items may be merely cosmetic or functional traits. You should know how to unlock them in Sims 4.

Selecting the Emotional Aura option after clicking on the item increases the rate at which you level up a skill. The following guide will help you unlock all the career rewards in Sims 4 and mention a few handy cheats you can use to unlock rewards.

How to Unlock Career Items in The Sims 4

Career Rewards are earned after completing specific levels in a career. Your Sim can earn multiple items, collectibles, and certain abilities in almost every career, which are unlocked from levels 2-6.

Choosing to unlock every reward this way will take a considerable amount of time. Other options are available if you wish to unlock these rewards immediately.

Career Rewards Cheat PC

You can unlock all Career Rewards using a cheat. First, you must open the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C (For Mac devices Command). To do so, console users must press all four shoulder buttons on their controllers.

Activate cheats by typing testingcheats true or enabling testingcheats. After you have enabled cheats, type:



You will notice that every single Career Reward from every career is purchasable to you now.

Career Rewards Cheat Console (PS4, Xbox One)

The unlock process for consoles is fairly similar but does require slightly different prompts. Open up the cheat menu by pressing all triggers and shoulder buttons (in no particular order):

On PS4, this is: R1+R2+L1+L2

On Xbox One use: RB+RT+LB+LT

Next, type bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement into the cheat box.

How to Use a Mod to Unlock All Career Rewards

If you do not wish to use cheats, you can use certain custom content mods in Sims 4 to obtain the same result. We’ll teach you how to easily install some of the best mods in The Sims 4.

This “unlock all” mod helps access locked content without advancing your Sim’s career. Though it only unlocks objects, over 100 locked objects are in the game.

You must first make sure your game can play custom mods to use this mod. To do so, open Game Options, choose Other, and checkmark both Enable Custom Content Mods and Script Mods.

Then download the Unlock all mod and do not unzip the file. Finally, restart your game and type tm.unlockall in the console to unlock all the items.

Best Career Rewards in the Sims 4

With hundreds of career items in the Sims 4, it can be hard to pick out the best ones or realistically test every single one. Below, we’ve listed some of the best career items in Sims 4.

Item/UnlockCareer PathFunction/Effect
Write a cookbookCulinaryIncreases your computer’s productivity, which allows you to complete programming tasks more quickly
Invest in stocksBusinessAllows you to invest in stocks using your computer.
Overclock computerFreelanceIncreases your computer’s productivity which allows you to complete programming tasks more quickly
Hack the mainframeCriminalAllows you to hack the mainframe for more money
Give makeoverStyle InfluencerGives you the ability to give NPCs within the world makeovers
Live steam gamesTech GuruAllows you to stream games to earn a second income
Career Path Items and Effects in Sims 4 table

How to fix the “Can’t Unlock All Career Items” bug in the Sims 4

In some cases, the above method may not work for you. This problem occurs when you don’t activate the cheat correctly; this greys out all career-related items, which means you cannot use them. Firstly, ensure you’re in your Sim’s current residence, as this cheat only works there.

Secondly, ensure cheats are activated using the testingcheats true prompt, as we’ve highlighted above. It is important to note that this cheat only unlocks items for build mode, if you’re looking to unlock special outfits for CAS using this cheat, it will not work.

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