How To Get Tingle Armor In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Tingle Armor is among the many collectible outfits in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The Tingle's armor is also one of the most famous of ...

Tingle Armor is among the many collectible outfits in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The Tingle’s armor is also one of the most famous of Link’s Outfits. This armor set has three pieces, and finding all of them needs you to head to a different location in Zelda TotK. Our guide will brief you on how to get all parts of the Tingle’s Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Tingle’s Armor in Zelda TotK

The Tingle Armor has three parts. The Tingle’s Shirt, Tingle’s Hood, and Tingle’s Tight. All of these are found in different locations.

Tingle’s Shirt location

The Tingle’s Shirt is inside the Dueling Peaks South Cave in the West Necluda Region. The coordinates of the location are (1183, -1948, 0246). Head inside the cave and defeat the Zelda TotK Like Likes at the entrance while avoiding its attacks. After you beat it, climb the platform and approach the locked door.

You will see steps on the floor and some rocks. Pick some rocks and place them on the second left and right on the first row. In the second row, place the rock in the middle. After that, place the rock on the left plate on the third row.

This will unlock the door, and you can see a chest in a little tent. Open the chest to obtain the Tingle’s Shirt in Zelda TotK.

Tingle’s Hood location

The Tingle’s Hood is in the Statue of the Eight Herione Cave in the canyon northwest of Gerudo Summit in the Gerudo Highlands Region. The coordinates of this region are (-4385, -0537, 0474).


To enter the cave, you first need to pick the mirror and rotate it using Ultrahand ability to reflect sunlight on the sensor on the entrance causing it to open the door.

Enter the door, continue going straight, and avoid engaging with the mummies and other enemies. When you find a small tent, pick the fan from the sand. Turn the fan on by hitting it and directing its wind toward the sand covering the tent.

Afterward, approach the tent and open the chest to get the Tingle’s Hood in Zelda TotK.

Tingle’s Tight location

The Tingle’s Tight is in the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave south of Loshlo Harbor in the East Necluda Sea. The coordinates for this location are (3650, -3211, -0006).

Get inside the cave and whistle to open the door. Swim straight and approach the wrecked ship inside. Use Ascend ability to get on the ship. Avoid fighting with the skeletons and approach the boxes outside the captain’s cabin in Zelda TotK.

On the boxes will be a chest. Open the chest to get the Tingle’s Tight. This is how you can get the Tingle’s Armor Outfit in Legends of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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