Misko’s Treasure: Pirate Manuscript – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Whistle your way into the cave and destroy the ghost ship to obtain the treasure of Pirates Manuscript.

Misko’s Treasure: Pirate Manuscript is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will pit you against a horde of Stal pirates to obtain a legendary treasure.

In this guide, we will tell you how to start this quest and what prerequisites you need to clear. Before proceeding, we recommend cooking some meals and fusing some powerful weapons to survive the fight. Make sure to collect a zonai steering stick, as it will come in handy.

Purchase Information from Domidak and Prissen

Misko’s Treasure: Pirate Manuscript quest can only be started after completing Misko’s Cave of Chests. Go back to Cephla Lake cave, northeast of Foothill Stable and the Kisinona Shrine.

Talk to Domidak and Prissen who will be standing near the cave’s entrance. They will ask you to pay 100 Rupees if you want to learn about the manuscripts from the bottle.

Give them 100 Rupees and select the “The Pirate Cavern” option. This is extremely important. Otherwise, they will tell you about either the eighth heroine or the twins’ manuscripts. This will start the quest.

Solve the Puzzle of Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave

To reach Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave, you need to travel southeast of your location to reach Mount Dunsel. You can also fast travel to the Bamitok Shrine to reach this area instantly.

Cape Cales is to the east of Mount Dunsel and north of the Necluda Sea. Upon reaching the area marked on the map, you will locate some planks and zonai fans. Use Ultrahand to construct a boat. Attach the zonai steering stick for better control.


If you have unlocked the Autobuild ability, you can use it to build a boat instantly.

Drive the boat inside the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave and whistle (press the D-pad down button) to open the door (3654, -3214, -0001).

Conquer the Ghost Ship to obtain Tingle’s Tights

Keep going inside the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave until you reach a ghost ship. You can climb this ship in various ways, but the best method is to use the Ascend ability near its hull.

Pick up a plank with Ultrahand and place it near the hull. Climb the plank and use the Ultrahand ability to enter the ship. This ship is littered with Stal (skeleton) enemies.

These enemies are fragile and usually break into pieces with one hit. However, you need to hit their severed skulls to fully kill them. Otherwise, their bodies just reassemble repeatedly.

Once all the enemies are defeated, destroy some boxes on the right side of the ship to locate a treasure chest behind it.

Quest Reward

Open the treasure chest to obtain Tingle’s Tights. This piece of armor grants you two defense against enemies’ attacks and makes you look like a fool in the process.

This will complete Misko’s Treasure: Pirates Manuscript side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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