Misko’s Treasure: Heroines Manuscript – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Solve the mystery of the heroines manuscript to obtain Tingle's Mask.

Misko’s Treasure: Heroines Manuscript is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will send you on a treasure hunt from one corner of the map to the other. This quest is about solving the puzzle of the eighth Gerudo Heroine’s statue and entering the cave.

In this guide, we will tell you how to start this quest and what prerequisites you need to clear. Before proceeding, we recommend that you acquire some zonai mirrors from the zonai device dispensers. Also, collect a few flints and wood to make a campfire.

Purchase Information from Domidak and Prissen

Misko’s Treasure: Heroine’s Manuscript quest can only be started after completing Misko’s Cave of Chests. Go back to Cephla Lake cave, northeast of Foothill Stable and the Kisinona Shrine.

Talk to Domidak and Prissen who will be standing near the cave’s entrance. They will ask you to pay 100 Rupees if you want to learn about the manuscripts from the bottle.

Give them 100 Rupees and select “The Heroine Statues” option. This is extremely important. Otherwise, they will tell you about either pirates’ or twins’ manuscripts. This will start the quest.

Solve the Puzzle of the Statue of the Eighth Heroine

The Statue of the Eighth Heroine can be found in the southern part of Hemaar’s Descent in Gerudo Highlands. This area is to the Northwest of Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, and its exact coordinates are (-4830, -0532, 0474).


The nearest shrine to this location is the Otutsum Shrine, which is to the south.

Once you enter the valley, you will notice a massive statue of a Heroine with a large orange crystal. The objective here is to reflect the light at this crystal to open the path to the cave.

If you don’t have any zonai mirrors, you can obtain 3x zonai mirrors from a treasure chest nearby. Go to the left of the statue to find a treasure chest at the following coordinates (-4354, -0455, 0470).

Once you have the zonai mirror, take it out of your inventory. Create a campfire and sit at it until noon. This is important as you will need sunlight to reflect the light.

Use Ultrahand to pick up the mirror and place it in the sunlight. Make sure to rotate it in a way that the reflected sunlight falls on the orange crystal present on the eighth heroine’s statue.

This will open a locked door leading to a secret cave. Use the air currents in the area to glide and reach the secret Statue of the Eighth Heroine Cave.

Find Tingle’s Mask in the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Cave

There are a lot of Gibdo enemies inside the cave. They are impervious to both physical and ranged attacks. Hit them with elemental arrows (fire or shock) or use Riju’s Shock ability to remove their armor. You can now kill them easily.


Make sure to find the Bubbul Frog of the cave to obtain Bubbul Gem before leaving.

Once you clear the cave of enemies, pick up the zonai fan from a mound of dust with Ultrahand. Hit the fan to activate it.

Pick up the activated fan and use it to remove the dust from the altar. This will reveal the treasure chest both brothers have been talking about.

Quest Reward

Open the Treasure Chest to obtain Tingle’s Hood. This mask of the infamous fairy gives you 2 protection against enemies’ attacks and a look that is funny, to say the least.

This will complete Misko’s Treasure: Heroines Manuscript side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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