Misko’s Cave Of Chests – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Misko's Cave of Chests is a perfect example of a dog being a man's best friend.

Misko’s Cave of Chests is another one of the many side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that you can complete quickly for some quick rewards.

As the name suggests, this is a treasure hunt. Completing this is necessary to move on to Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity side quest.

Before you know where the treasure is buried, though, you need to know how to start Misko’s Cave of Chests and whether there are any prerequisites to complete in Zelda: TotK.

Talk to Domidak and Prissen

The Misko’s Cave of Chests side quest is given to you by Domidak, a Hyrule traveler hoping to make a fortune by finding lost treasure.


Domidak and his brother Prissen are also associated with The Treasure Hunters’ side quest.

To start the Misko’s Cave of Chests side quest, you must talk with Domidak right outside the entrance of the Cephla Lake Cave.

This cave is just a few steps up from the western bank of Cephla Lake, located at coordinates (2606, 1325, 0150). It is to the Northeast of Foothill Stable and Kisinona Shrine.

From the Kisinona Shrine, turn back and jump towards the right. Glide to locate a camp with two travelers and a dog.

After you speak with Domidak, he will inform you that he and his brother are having trouble finding the treasure, which will officially start the quest.

Find the Treasure Chest in Cephla Lake Cave

Cephla Lake Cave is full of treasure chests and one of them contains the treasure of the legendary thief, Misko. There are three ways to locate the treasure chest that you need.

1. Use Ultrahand ability to locate all the chests and pull them out of the ground. Open them one by one until you find the treasure. This is a cumbersome task, and you may or may not be lucky to find it sooner.


The remaining chests will reward you with one green rupee each.

2. Prissen will suggest using a dog to locate the treasure. Dogs are essential to finding hidden treasure chests in Tears of the Kingdom.

Feed the dog meat or fruits until its affinity reaches the maximum level. At this point, the dog will start walking towards the cave. Follow the dog, and it will lead you to the treasure chest containing the treasure.

3. You can skip both parts, as they are time-consuming, and go directly for the second treasure chest at the top left. We have marked it in the picture above for your convenience.

Quest Reward

Open the treasure chest to obtain Ember Trousers, which are a part of the Ember Armor set. This will complete Misko’s Cave of Chests quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

After talking to Domidak and Prissen, interact with the glass bottle they left to start the next phase of treasure-hunting quests related to Misko.

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