Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Rock For Sale Guide

Jochi-ihiga shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires a green crystal which you can get through Rock for Sale shrine quest..

A lot of shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are hidden and require Link to complete their tasks before they can appear. These tasks are known as Shrine Quests and the Rock for Sale quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom belongs to this category. The objective of this task is to purchase a Green Crystal and bring it to Jochi-ihiga shrine as an offering.

But it is easier said than done as you won’t be given any hint on how to proceed or might end up paying more than usual for the Green Crystal. But fret not, we are here to guide you step-by-step in obtaining the Green Crystal and delivering it efficiently.

Where to find Rock for Sale shrine quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rock for Sale shrine quest in Zelda TotK is associated with completing Jochi-ihiga Shrine in South Akkala region. The map above shows the location of the shrine which is where the quest begins. It is to the North of Akkala Falls and West of Kaepora Pass. Jochi-ihiga Shrine is hidden and will only become visible once Link delivers the Green Crystal.

To find the Green Crystal, Link needs to visit Tarrey Town. Tarrey Town is to the North of Lake Akkala and East of Torrin Wetland. Inside Tarrey Town, Link comes across a lift operator named Hagie. He is a burly man with golden hair and is standing next to the lift platform leading to Hudson Construction Company.

Upon inquiring about the Green Crystal, he will decide to sell it to Link for 100 rupees. The price for the Green Crystal can be negotiated, and Hagie will decide to sell it to Link for 50 rupees after his wife’s intervention. Pay an additional 20 rupees to use the lift as much as you want.

How to complete Rock for Sale shrine quest in Zelda: TotK

Pick up the Green Crystal and it will start emitting a green light directed towards the Jochi-ihiga shrine in Zelda TotK. Attach the Green Crystal on the lift platform and use the lift to reach the Hudson Construction Company area.

With a lot of construction materials available in this area, Link can build any vehicle powered by Zonai devices. We recommend using a Wing with a Fan (consult the picture).

Attach the Fan on the back of the Wing zonai device, and the crystal anywhere on the Wing. Place the Wing-Fan construct in the lake and get on it. Activate it to reach the Island containing the Jochi-ihiga shrine. You can control the direction of the construct by stepping on the wings.

Or you can simply use a fan-powered boat from your memory if you have unlocked Autobuild ability, and have previously built a boat. The possibilities here are infinite. You can create any construct your heart desires if it can carry the Green Crystal across the water.

There is a zonai device dispenser nearby. We strongly recommend getting the Steering Handle from it if you are having difficulty controlling your constructs.

Place the Green Crystal on the Jochi-ihiga shrine platform to make it appear. This will end the “Rock for Sale” shrine quest and you are now free to claim your reward from the shrine.

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