How To Make A Fan-Powered Boat In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Ultrahand and Fuse abilities in Zelda: TotK add a whole new layer of dynamic gameplay to the tried and tested formula of Breath of the Wild. While Magnesis allowed players to fly, Ultrahand allows the creation of a host of new vehicles in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. To get your creative juices flowing, we will explain how you can create a fan-powered boat in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and navigate the rivers with speed.

Building a fan boat in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

As mentioned before, to build a boat in Zelda TotK, you will need the Ultrahand ability, some tree logs, and fans to propel your boat in the water.

Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom can be unlocked early in the game. This ability allows Link to merge different objects to create a structure. Tree Logs can be obtained by cutting down some trees. Lastly, fans can be found by exploring Hyrule or using the Zonai device dispensers.

Once you have all the abovementioned objects and abilities, the next step is to make a base or raft for your boat. To do that take three tree logs and merge them side-by-side using the Ultrahand ability by pressing L and selecting the ability from your R stick to activate it and then pressing A after aiming at the tree log.

Afterward, take two fans and place them behind the tree logs at equal distances to maintain the balance in the water. Otherwise, you will end up spinning in the water until the power of the fans runs out.

Keep in mind that while we have used 3 logs and 2 fans to make a bigger boat, there is no size requirement for it in Zelda TotK. If you want, you can just place one log and attach one fan to it. This way it will act as a surfboard instead of a proper boat.


Since the building process for the fan-boat is complete, the next step is to put the vehicle into the lake using Ultrahand and hop on it. Afterward, take out your weapon and hit the fan to activate it and enjoy the ride.

Remember to put the boat in the direction you want to go since there is no way to magically steer the boat. However, you can build it in a manner that adjusting your weight in a particular direction may help you steer the boat.

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