Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Ousting The Giants Walkthrough

You have to take down three enemies to help a NPC named Kampo in Ousting the Giants side quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

Link is a skilled warrior and many side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom give him the chance to prove it. One of many such quests is the ‘Ousting the Giants’ side quest in which Link has to fight off three giant Hinox brothers and help Kampo keep his stable running.

After completing this quest, Kampo rewards Link with the Might Fried Bananas. So, let us look into the location and steps to complete the Ousting the Giants quest.

How to start Ousting the Giants in Zelda: TotK

The Ousting the Giants side quest takes place in the Lakeside Stable when you meet an NPC, Kampo, who runs this stable in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Lakeside Stable is located south of Faron near Lake Floria at the coordinates (1551, -3518, 0060) with the nearest shrine being the Joju-u-u Shrine. The location of this stable is also marked on the map below.

Ousting The Giants quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Kampo will be standing near the stable looking worried. Go talk to him and he will tell you about the three monsters that are residing in the caves near the Lakeside Stable.

He will tell you that these caves used to be important spots for travelers but after the arrival of these monsters, the travelers have stopped visiting them and the stable business has dried up.

This conversation will lead to the commencement of the Ousting the Giants quest and now you have to take down all three of these monsters.

How to complete Ousting the Giants in Zelda: TotK

When the quest begins, the markers will appear for all three of the Hinox brothers on your map and you can take them down in whichever sequence you prefer.

The Youngest Hinox Brother is present in the Rodai Lakefront Tunnel of West Necluda and you can simply follow the marker on your map to get there.

Once you are in the tunnel, drop down into the water, and then you won’t be able to see anything due to the tunnel being covered in darkness. To fix this, you can use Brightbloom plants by shooting them inside the cave to light it up and then making your way to the Hinox monster.

You will find the Youngest Hinox brother sleeping next to a tree trunk here. Wake him up by hitting him and then shoot at his eye or his ankle as both of them are his weak spots. Shooting at either of these spots will do massive damage and the Hinox will be weakened.

Hit the giant further to take him down completely and then collect the loot dropped by him. Ascend through the cave and look for the next Hinox brother to kill.

Take down the Middle Hinox Brother

Continuing the Ousting the Giants quest in Tears of the Kingdom, the Middle Hinox Brother will be resting in the Corta Lake Cave of West Necluda.

Swim through the water found there and then enter the cave right in front of you. Drop down inside the cave till you find the Middle Hinox Brother taking a nap there.

Hit the Hinox to wake him up and keep on hitting him till he gives up. The Hinox knocks himself on the ground and the impact can affect you if you are nearby so watch out for that. As every Hinox’s weak point are his eyes, you can target them to cause agony and kill the giant.

Once the Middle Hinox is dead, collect the loot he drops and then ascend back up to move on to the next Hinox brother.  

Take down the Eldest Hinox Brother

The Eldest Hinox Brother will be sleeping in the Calora Lake Cave of West Necluda. Wake him up from his nap by hitting him.

As this Hinox’s ankles are covered for protection, the best strategy here is to aim for his eye. Shoot at his eye to deal damage and you can also use the explosive barrels laying around.

Once this giant is also dead, collect the loot and ascend back up to move to the last step of this quest.

Go back to Kampo

Now all that is left to do is to go back and give Kampo the good news of the monsters being dead. Make your way back to the Lakeside Stable by paragliding down there.

You will find Kampo here standing nearby. Talk to him to tell him that you have gotten rid of all the monsters plaguing the caves. He will thank you on behalf of everyone at the stable and reward you with the Mighty Fried Bananas which will end this quest.

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