How To Defeat Hinox In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Hinox are one-eyed ogre bosses roaming Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and defeating them can be quite challenging if you aren't ready.

Hinoxes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are one-eyed ogres which can be found napping in damp forests or over bridges in grasslands. Being the largest enemies in the game, Hinoxes pack a lot of punch in their attacks and are attack sponges. Pretty much every Hinox in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom carries Royal Weapons as ornaments around their necks.

Types of Hinox in Zelda TotK

Hinoxes are mini-bosses that can tear the trees from their roots and use them as weapons due to their insane strength. Similar to Lynels, Hinox are also divided into subcategories. Depending on their color and physical prowess, Hinoxes are divided into three categories. Regular, Blue and Black. There is one super-evolved form, Stalnox, which we will cover separately.

Regular Hinox

With bright red skin, Regular Hinoxes can easily be found napping on Carok Bridge and Mable Ridge. Red Hinox doesn’t have any armor and can be taken down easily even during the early game segments.

Blue Hinox

With their blue-tinted body covered with wooden armor, Blue Hinoxes can be found in Ulria Grotto East Cave and in West Necluda. This monster is really tough owning to a lot of HP and its massive strike power. Blue Hinoxes take a lot of damage from Fire attacks due to their wooden armor.

Black Hinox

This apex ogre with charred colored skin can be found near the shore of Harkey Lake East. Black Hinoxes are prone to damage from Shock attacks because of the metallic armor they wear.

Black Hinox is one of the toughest enemies Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer. It has massive HP in addition to immense attack power and can pummel Link with just a couple of attacks.

How to defeat Hinox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Hinoxes can be noticed from a distance due to their large bodies. They are lone creatures that don’t like the presence of intruders. Stock up on a lot of arrows and cook some hearty meals before engaging with a Hinox. Every hinox has the same weak point, its eye. You can shoot the eye to stun the Hinox for a few moments. This is your chance to attack its feet to dish out some damage.

But this is all easier said than done. Despite their large bodies, Hinoxes are extremely agile creatures. They cover the distance between themselves and Link in an instant. Beware of the head slam attack and powerful punches if you get too close to a Hinox.

They can also grab Link and smash him on the ground. Hinoxes will use anything or anyone in their vicinity to use as a projectile against Link.

Halfway through the fight, Hinox will cover its eye with one hand if you aim at it directly. Take a lot of Keese Eyeballs to this fight. They turn normal arrows into Homing Arrows, which target the enemy’s weak point automatically. Otherwise, the fight with Hinox will turn into a chore and your chances of success will turn very slim.

For Blue Hinox, use Fire Arrows or Fire Fruit to burn the wooden armor around its legs halfway through the fight. Blue Hinox will try frantically to put out the fire, giving Link ample time to target its eye once more.

Black Hinox can be stunned by shooting its metallic armor with a Shock Arrow or Shock Fruit to target its eye. Repeat this strategy to take down this ogre and obtain its body parts as a reward. Black Hinox tooth is a very powerful Fusion Material.

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