Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Never-Ending Lecture Walkthrough

Endure the never-ending lecture to obtain Zora Helm.

The Never-Ending Lecture is a short and easy side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will reward you with a nice armor piece. The quest takes place in Zora’s Domain of Lanayru Wetlands and requires locating a hidden passage on a floating fish.

You will overhear a conversation between two Zora people who are lamenting attending long lectures. This will launch a short treasure hunt of sorts from which you can get a nice armor piece.

Today, we’ll help you with your endeavor and teach you how to finish the Never-Ending Lecture in Zelda: Totk.

Talk to Khira and Chroma

The Never-Ending Lecture side quest can only be started after finishing Sidon of the Zora main quest. Once you defeat Mucktorok and clear the sludge from Zora’s Domain, Zora people will return to their normal lives.

This quest can be acquired from a red-colored Zora named Chroma. She will be standing in the upper left corner of the throne room (3322, 0548, 0163) alongside her teacher, Khira. Upon talking to them, The Never-Ending Lecture quest will start.

Find Zora Helm in the Floating Scales Island

Khira will hint about the location of Zora Helm on a Sky Fish. This should sound familiar to you as he talks about the Floating Scales Island, which is shaped like a fish in Lanayru Sky.


This is the same island where you shoot an arrow through a droplet during the Clues to the Sky main quest.

There are two ways to reach this island. The easiest and the most obvious method is to fast-travel to Water Temple and then glide southwest to reach the Floating Scale Island.

The second method involves fast traveling to the Ihen-a Shrine near Mipha’s Court and turning back from its entrance. You will notice a massive waterfall that you can climb with the help of Zora Armor.

Once you are on the Floating Scales Island, go near the fish’s tail (where you shot the arrow). If you look closely at the island’s map, the right part of the tail is a bit shorter and partially broken.

Drop down near the right part of the tail (4118, 0527, 0592) and glide to locate a secret entrance leading into the fish belly. Here, you will find a treasure chest present on an altar.

Quest Reward

Open the treasure chest to obtain Zora Helm. This headgear provides two armor against enemy attacks and increases your swim speed. This will complete The Never-Ending Lecture side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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