Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Honey, Bee Mine Walkthrough

In "Honey, Bee Mine", you have to help out a drummer named Beetz impress his band leader in Tears of the Kingdom.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Warrior Link has to protect Hyrule from darkness by fighting off any harm that comes it’s way. But that is not all Link is good for. He also helps the residents of Hyrule during various side adventures by bringing them whatever they wish for. One of these side adventures is ‘Honey, Bee Mine’.

In this side adventure, Link has to bring a few ‘Courser Bee Honey’ items for an NPC who will then offer him a Silver Rupee as a reward. So, let us get into the steps and location of this side adventure.

How to unlock Honey, Bee Mine in Zelda: TotK

The side adventure ‘Honey, Bee Mine’ takes place in the Kakariko Village east of the Pillars of Levia at the coordinates x-axis 2162, y-axis -1383, and z-axis 0111 in Tears of the Kingdom.

Make sure that you have completed the Serenade to Cotera side adventure before starting the Honey, Bee Mine side adventure otherwise, it will not be available.

How to complete Honey, Bee Mine in Zelda: TotK

When you reach the Kakariko Village location marked on the map above, you will spot an NPC named Beetz. He will be outside his small hut and he will be humming a strange beat.

Speak with him to begin the “Honey, Bee Mine” adventure in Tears of the Kingdom. He will tell you that he wants to impress the leader of his band, The Stable Trotters, by giving him some honey crepes.

Unfortunately, he is not able to do so because of the unavailability of courser bee honey and that is the reason he is humming that strange beat.

He thinks that this beat will attract the bees and he might get some honey out of them but his practice is in vain.

He will tell you about the beehives around the village but he cannot go there himself so you are the one who has to help him.

Acquire the Beehives

Near Beetz’s hut, you will see a forest which is the perfect place to look for beehives. Head over to the forest and look for trees that have beehives on them.

Shoot them down and collect the courser bee honey. As Beetz mentioned earlier, he only needs three of them for his crepes so you can go back to him after you have shot down and collected three of them.

Give the courser bee honey to Beetz

Now make your way back to Beetz who is still humming the strange beat and give him the beehives you just collected.

He will thank you by providing you with a Silver Rupee which is equal to 100 Rupees. He will tell you that he has to look for his band in different stables and this will end the quest.

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