Best Early Weapons In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Both Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are infamous for throwing the players into a massive open world without any means to fend themselves against hordes of enemies. Good weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are difficult to come by during early game segments and they break a lot.

It soon becomes a real chore if Link mistakenly ventures into a high-level area. This is why we are here to help guide you in finding the best weapons in the early hours of Zelda Tears of the Kindom. Some weapons require you to complete a few prerequisites so please bear with us.

Best early game weapons in Zelda TotK

Due to the upheaval in Hyrule, all the weapons have gone rusty and become practically useless. The only way to obtain powerful and reliable weapons is via Link’s fuse ability.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows the players to fuse their weapons with different fusion materials to create new combinations. The weapon gets the attack power of the object it is fused to. If the fusion is done between objects of similar origin, like a Zonaite sword fused with a construct drop, the resultant weapon gets some additional attack bonus and durability.

Royal Guard Claymore

Royal Guard Claymore is a two-handed sword that can be obtained by traveling to Hyrule Castle early in the game. Use the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower to propel yourself in the air, and glide North to enter the Castle.

Reach its inner sanctum and you can find the Royal Guard Claymore behind some rubble on the stairs. Royal Guard Claymore has 32 attack power for its weakest variant, and it can be fused with other powerful items.


The best part about Royal Guard Claymore is its unique nature to have its attack power doubled when it is badly damaged. In this state, you can use it to take down Silver Lynels in the Floating Coliseum. Hit the Lynels on their head with arrows to stun them. Ride the Lynel and hit it with damaged Royal Guard Claymore, with attack power way north of 100. Weapons don’t take any additional damage during this animation.

Royal Guard Bow

This massively overpowered bow with 50 attack power can be found from the same area in Hyrule Castle. Royal Guard bow has low durability, but it can do enough damage even to the mightiest enemies before it breaks down. Bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can’t be fused with other items to increase their durability or attack power.

Fierce Deity Sword

Fierce Deity Sword can be obtained pretty early in the game by forcing yourself through various areas of the Hyrule. It requires you to find three pieces of Fierce Deity armor set by completing Misko’s Treasure: Fierce Deity Armor side quest.

Go to Cephla Lake Cave once you have found the complete set and equip it to open a hidden room.

Best Early Weapons In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You can obtain Fierce Deity Sword from the altar with 38 base damage. This makes it the most powerful early-game sword without fusion, and interestingly it can be fused with any powerful materials to make it even better.

We recommend Black Boss Bokoblin Horn fusion. Make sure to stock up on Energizing elixirs before you go on this treasure hunt.

Bokoblin Arm

Venturing the wilds of Hyrule at night is always a dangerous endeavor, and Link gets ambushed by Stal Bokoblins. These are easy enemies and can be taken down with one hit. However, you need to destroy their skulls to permanently kill them.

Stal Bokoblins arms can be used as weapons with 20 attack power. They are extremely brittle and break after a couple of hits. So, we recommend fusing them together to create a 40-attack power weapon.

Pristine Weapons in the Depths

All the weapons in Hyrule have become rusted after upheaval, but some weapons in the depths have strangely survived. Link comes across some apparitions, standing on pillars, holding weapons in their pristine form.

These weapons range from Spears to Claymores and have much higher base attack damage and durability. Combine them with Ice or Fire Lizalfos Horns to create weapons of mass destruction.

Flux Core Weapons

Flux Constructs are mini-bosses in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and they drop their cores when defeated. Fuse these cores with Zonai weapons, like Zonai Sword, to create some super powerful early-game weapons in Zelda TotK.

The minimum fuse power of a Flux core is +10, and when fused with Strong Zonai Sword, it increases to +15 due to its origin compatibility. The resultant weapon is a Flux Core 1 Pounder with 22 attack power. When combined with a Zonai spear, the result is a Flux Core 1 Pulverizer with 17 attack power.

Flame Emitter Weapons

Best Early Weapons In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Zonai weapons, especially Zonai Spears, when combined with Zonai Flame Emitters turn into scary early-game fire weapons. Despite having low damage output of 8, Flame-Emitter Spear can inflict burn status on an enemy and put it in a panic mode. This weapon is best suited for crowd control.

Beam-Emitter Boomerang

Beam Emitters are ancient zonai devices that can be found in Hyrule or can be obtained from Zonai Device Dispensers. They apparently have low fuse power but when combined with a boomerang, Beam Emitters turn into something very special.

Throw Beam-Emitter Boomerang at the enemies from a distance and watch them getting annihilated by invisible lightsabers wielding Jedi.

Spiked Iron Ball Hammer

Fusing a Big Boko Club (abundantly available throughout Hyrule) with a Spiked Iron Ball results in a Spiked Iron Ball hammer with 14 attack power. This is one of the earliest weapons you will come across, as both items can be obtained by clearing Bokoblin settlement at Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

This massive weapon can be used to open paths, blocked by boulders, or some fragile Bokoblin Heads, whatever you prefer.

Captain 1 Reaper

Captain 1 Reaper has a minimum of 14 attack power, and it can be obtained by fusing a Zonite Sword with Captain Construct 1 Horn. These constructs can be found in the prologue of the game. A weapon with 14 attack power, during the first hour of the game, sounds ridiculously overpowered but this is actually possible. Captain 1 Reaper is also a lot more durable than most of the early game weapons.

Black Boko Blade

Fusing a Pristine Traveller’s sword from the depths with a Black Bokoblin Horn results in the formation of Black Boko Blade. This one-handed weapon has 24 attack power and is one of the strongest early-game fused weapons.

Lizalfos Tail Whip

Lizalfos Tail Whip can be created by fusing Lizalfos Tail with any one-handed weapon. You can find Lizalfo camps to the West of Hyrule Fields. This fused weapon has 14 attack power, and it can be obtained as soon as you touch the ground in Hyrule.

Various Magic Scepter

Magic Scepters are dropped by floating magicians throughout Hyrule. Fuse these magic scepters with gemstones to create elemental Magic Scepters.

When fused with ruby, you get Ruby Magic Scepter that can shoot three fireballs per attack. Hold the attack button to shoot fireballs in all directions for crowd control.

Construct Bows

Best Early Weapons In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Construct Bows can be found by killing Construct Archers present inside early shrines across Hyrule Fields. These bows have 12-16 attack power and are pretty durable for early-game weapons.

These are some of the best weapons and their fusion that you can obtain during the first 4-5 hours of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Minus the Fierce Deity Sword, the rest of the weapons can be obtained with minimal effort by following our guides.