Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Dinraal Location

Dinraal the fire dragon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is as dangerous as it is magestic and can be tough to track if you want to farm its parts..

Of all the Dragons in the new Zelda saga, Dinraal is hands down the most majestic one due to its appearance. A dragon that breathes fire also aligns perfectly with our perception of these mythical creatures. Dinraal is the Fire dragon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that has made its home in the harshest region of Hyrule, the Eldin Region. It traverses the skies of Eldin and Akkala regions before submerging into the depths.

Like the rest of the dragons residing in Hyrule, Dinraal is cursed with its non-stop pilgrimage from one point to another, making it difficult for Link to track its location. You can however use Sensor+ to track Dinraal after snapping his picture once (Purah pad allows you to track anything that is a part of Hyrule Compendium).

Where to Find Dinraal in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Dinraal can be found roaming the skies of Akkala and Eldin Regions. It emerges from East Akkala Plains Chasm and turns Northeast to pass Octorok Lake and reach North Akkala Beach. From there, Dinraal turns West towards Akkala Wilds and crosses Skull Lake before entering the Eldin Region.

Dinraal passes above Lake Darman before turning Northwest to reach Deplian Badlands. From there, it dives South to enter the depths through the Drenan Highlands Chasm entrance.

Inside the Depths, Dinraal makes a return journey to the East by passing above the Scorching Coliseum and Akkala House of Bones. From there, Dinraal moves South before ascending to exit the depths through the East Akkala Plains Chasm exit.

Dinraal moves in a counter-clockwise direction on the Surface and a clockwise direction in the Depths. It follows the exact same path every time. Dinraal takes around 48 in-game hours (48 minutes in real life) to complete one journey. It spends 24 hours (24 minutes in real life) in Hyrule and Depths each.


Fastest way to reach Dinraal in Zelda: TotK

In our experience the easiest way to land on Dinraal’s body was by using the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Use it to get in the air and try to locate Dinraal towards the Northeast. If you can’t find Dinraal in Akkala region’s skies, go to Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower in Eldin Region. Get airborne and turn Northeast to try to find Dinraal. Using these two Skyview Towers will allow you to scan the whole area where Dinraal can be on land.

If you can’t find Dinraal in the skies of both Akkala and Eldin regions, make a camp before the East Akkala Plains Chasm and wait for Dinraal to emerge. We don’t recommend trying to find and ride any dragon in the Depths, as it can become a chore. Link can easily land on Dinraal’s body using the Glide armor set.

Due to its fiery nature, Dinraal’s body is unbearably hot and, will put Link’s body on fire if he is not wearing the Flamebbreaker armor.

Dinraal also attacks intruders with fireballs that can inflict burn status if you encounter them. Remove all the wooden weapons, shields and bows or they will be destroyed after catching fire. Brewing some Fireproof elixirs is another way to survive your encounter with Dinraal.

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