Starfield The Lodge Location Guide

The Lodge is one of the central location in Starfield. This place is the center for several main and side quests. Knowing where to find it is crucial.

Starfield features several different characters and exciting factions that lead you down equally as riveting quests and errands. The Constellation Explorer group is one of them, and this is one of the first factions you will come across when playing Starfield. The headquarters for the Constellation Explorers is known as the Lodge in Starfield.

This is an important location related to a lot of quests. You will also need to decide whether to defend the Lodge or go to the Key in Starfield near the end of the story. So, needless to say, you need to know where this place is.

How to get to The Lodge in Starfield

The Lodge in Starfield is located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Once you reach the Alpha Centauri system, press M on your keyboard to open the star map. Manipulate the mouse wheel or press TAB to zoom out to get a better view of the system.

Jemison is above the system’s sun towards the top of the map. Make sure you land in the New Atlantis landing area, pictured above. From there, head down the stairs present in front of you and go straight past the United Colonies security and safety checkpoint until you emerge on the street above.

Next, continue heading straight until you reach the transit system. Board the train and select the MAST district. Once you arrive, head straight until you are at street level, then take an immediate right and left.

You will be on a footpath with overhanging shades towards your left. Continue heading straight until you see a flight of stairs leading up. Take the stairs, then make an immediate right past a spiral street ornament.

Continue following the path, and you will be at the entrance to the Lodge in Starfield. Once you discover the lodge, anytime you come back, you can land your spaceship within the area. This will save you from having to follow the steps above, over and over again.

What to do at The Lodge in Starfield?

The Lodge presents several exciting opportunities. It acts as the headquarters of the Constellation Explorer group. When you first enter, you will talk to Sarah Morgan. The Lodge is one of the critical locations in the game.

You will pick up many quests here, including main and side missions. You will also report back to the lodge when you discover any artifacts or make any significant discoveries. This area acts as a sort of hub for your adventures.

The Lodge is a great home away from home. You will feel right at home if you ever want to upgrade your equipment or craft items. You will find a weapon workbench, spacesuit workbench, industrial workbench, a cooking station, and a research and pharmaceutical lab all in one place.

The Lodge also has a ton of loot and items you can freely pick up. For example, on the table in the middle of the room, you can find the Constellation Guide 01. This permanently reduces your fall damage by 5%. You can also pick up whatever you find on the upper level and sell those items for a decent profit. Several beds are also present, which you can sleep in to get an XP boost.

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