Starfield: Best Structural Components And How To Get Them

Change the look and feel of your spaceship.

Structural components in Starfield are purely cosmetic items that you can purchase and apply to your ship to change its appearance. The game is all about ships and using them for traveling through space and dogfighting against enemies. What better way to do it than looking uber-stylish and making your mark on the universe?


Structural Components are different from Structural Materials. The Components serve only to alter the appearance of your ship while the Materials serve as resources for crafting materials and components.

In this guide, we will briefly explain the functioning of Structural components for ships in Starfield. Where you can find or purchase them and what kind of services you need to apply them to your ship. So, hop on, and let’s go on a journey to find the structural parts that will distinguish your ship from the rest in Starfield.

What are Structural Components in Starfield?

Structural Components are used to change the look of your ship in Starfield. They don’t add any functionality to your ship’s working or have any purpose in crafting recipes like Structural Materials. 

Despite having no positive functions, they do hurt the performance of your ship. Structural ship parts in Starfield add a lot of weight to the ship, sometimes hindering its optimal performance. They also cost an arm and a leg in the game. However, it is all worth it in the end because they end up creating some of the best ship designs in Starfield.


Structural components have different masses. As long as you balance the weight of your ship and designs, you can get away with more stylistic options.

Buying and using Structural Components

While you can find a few structural components in Starfield as a reward for completing quests, most of them can be purchased from specific vendors. You can always gain money by selling your junk at Trade Authority shops and kiosks. Once you have the required structural ship parts, you need to find a ship services tech person.


FYI: Vendor shops refresh their inventories after every 24 hours. If you don’t find what you are looking for, come back another day or skip time by sleeping.

These technicians are available near the docks and trade authority kiosks. Select the “I would like to modify my ship” option while talking to them. This opens a new interface where you can apply newly acquired Structural Components to your ship. You can use these components on your starter ship as well as the ones you acquired throughout your journey. 

Select the Ship Builder option (X button) to access the menu. Now you can freely target any part of the ship you want to change with your newly acquired Structural Components. Like simply hover over the cockpit and press A to select it. Simply detach it and place it away from your ship. 

Now press the A button again on the empty space around the ship to enter the shipbuilder menu. This will bring up the list of all Starfield Structural Components you have. Select a new cockpit that you want and attach it to your ship. Repeat the process with the rest of your ship’s parts to create a ship to your liking. 

Some structural components have more than one attachment point and can be flipped. This feature opens a plethora of options and designs for you to tinker with.

Best Structural Components in Starfield

There are five main manufacturers of Structural ship parts in Starfield. They offer their own unique designs anywhere from futuristic or battleship ones. Depending on what other advantages they provide, we have ranked them and added what components you can get from them.


Advanced Structural parts are only available after reaching a certain level. If you don’t find the exact part you are looking for, it might be because you haven’t progressed far enough yet.

5. HopeTech Components

HopeTech has only a few decent-looking pieces in its collection as opposed to its amazing Structural Materials one. Besides the Risers for increasing ship height, there is not much going on in the Structural department. You can browse through their catalog on any of their outlets but we found the most complete one on Hopetown on Polvo in the Valo system.

You can find these components from HopeTech:

  • HopeTech Bumper A
  • HopeTech Cap A (fore)
  • HopeTech Cap A (mid)
  • HopeTech Cap A (aft)
  • HopeTech Cap B (mid)
  • HopeTech Marker A
  • HopeTech Nose B (fore)
  • HopeTech Nose A (port)
  • HopeTech Pipes (fore)
  • HopeTech Pipes A (mid)
  • HopeTech Pipes B (mid)
  • HopeTech Radiator
  • HopeTech Riser A
  • HopeTech Riser B

4. Nova Galactic Structural Components

Nova Galactic offers a wide range of components to choose from for every structural part of your ship. They mainly decorate the sides of your ship and allow you to mount weapons on them as well.

Nova is fairly accessible for players at the start and is one of the best locations to get excellent ship parts in the early game. Just visit New Homestead on Saturn’s moon Titan in the Sol System to find most of them.

The parts from the Nova Galactic brand include

  • Porthole (fore)
  • Porthole (port)
  • Porthole (top)
  • Nova bracer
  • Nova braking engine (port)
  • Nova cowling 1L-TF
  • Nova cowling 1L-PF
  • Nova cowling 1L-PM
  • Nova cowling 1l-PA
  • Nova cowling 2L-PF
  • Nova cowling 2L-PM
  • Nova cowling 2L-PA
  • Nova cowling 2L-TF
  • Nova cowling 2L-TM
  • Nova cowling 2L-TA
  • Nova engine stratus
  • Nova radiator (port)
  • Nova radiator (top)
  • Nova radiator
  • Nova thruster array (port)
  • Nova wing (port)
  • Nova weapon mount

3. Stroud Eklund Structural Components

Stroud Eklund has quite elegant-looking Structural ship parts and you can never go wrong with their pieces in Starfield. The best ones are the Mounts and Engine Bracers, which also come in handy while connecting engines to ships. You can purchase all parts directly from the Stroud-Eklund Staryard near Deepala in the Narion System, which you may remember visiting in the Overdesigned mission.

You can get these cosmetic ship parts from them:

  • Stroud Braking Engine
  • Stroud Cap A (port fore top)
  • Stroud Cap A (port aft top)
  • Stroud Cap B (port aft)
  • Stroud Cap C (aft top)
  • Stroud Cowling 1LA-PT
  • Stroud Cowling 1LB-PT
  • Stroud Cowling 3LA-PT
  • Stroud Engine Bracer A
  • Stroud Engine Bracer B
  • Stroud Engine Mount
  • Stroud Mid Bracer
  • Stroud Nose Cap 2B (fore top)
  • Stroud Nose Cap B (fore top)
  • Stroud Nose Cap C (port fore)
  • Stroud Nose Cap D (port fore)
  • Stroud Nose Cap E

2. Taiyo Astoneering Structural Components

If you are looking for a futuristic look then Taiyo Astoneering offers some of the best-looking pieces in Starfield. They are also, comparatively, a bit more affordable.

Taiyo’s Structural components are not as vastly available as the others on the list but you can find most of them in Neon City in the Alpha Volii system, the heart of Ryujin Industries.

Taiyo Astoneering’s list of components includes

  • Equipment Plate
  • Taiyo Braking Engine
  • Taiyo Braking Engine – (port)
  • Taiyo Cowling (fore top)
  • Taiyo Cowling (aft top)
  • Taiyo End Cap (port)
  • Taiyo Forward Sensors
  • Taiyo Mid Cap (port top)
  • Taiyo Mid Cap B (port top)
  • Taiyo Nose Cap (port)
  • Taiyo Cap (port aft)
  • Taiyo Side Cap (port)
  • Taiyo Side Cap B (port)
  • Taiyo Slope Cap (fore)
  • Taiyo Spine A
  • Taiyo Spine B

1. Deimos Structural Components

Deimos Structurals are focused on giving your battleship a war machine appearance, fitting to put fear in your enemies hearts. They are one of the coolest looking ones and also allow you to mount weapons on them. The best thing is that they are very accessible, especially in terms of cost for those just starting.

The famous structural parts available from the Deimos brand in Starfield include

  • Deimos belly (fore)
  • Deimos Bracer A
  • Deimos braking engine
  • Deimos bumper (port fore)
  • Deimos bumper (port mid)
  • Deimos bumper (port aft)
  • Deimos cowling (fore)
  • Deimos hull A
  • Deimos radiator
  • Deimos skeg A
  • Deimos skeg B
  • Deimos spine A (fore)
  • Deimos spine B
  • Deimos spine C (fore)
  • Deimos spine D (fore)
  • Deimos spine E (fore)
  • Deimos spine F (fore)
  • Deimos spine G
  • Deimos tail A
  • Deimos wing A (port)
  • Deimos wing A (port aft)
  • Deimos wing B (port)
  • Deimos wing C (port)
  • Deimos wing D (port)
  • Deimos wing D (port aft)
  • Deimos wing E (port)
  • Deimos wing E (port aft)
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