How To Get And Sell Sentient AI Adapters In Starfield

Sell the Sentient AI Adapters contraband item and make some good credits.

Sentient AI adapters in Starfield are classified as Contraband items. Like all contraband, these are deemed illegal to possess and will be confiscated by the authorities. However, this makes them even more valuable if you find the right place to sell them.

But before you can sell the Sentient AI Adapters, you need to find them. You don’t have to worry; we will guide you through finding and selling the Sentient AI Adapters.

How to get the Sentient AI Adapters

There are different ways to get this item, like raiding pirate ships, but a more consistent method exists. If you want to farm some Sentient AI Adapters in Starfield, your best bet is getting to The Almagest. This derelict space casino is near planet Nesoi’s orbit in the Olympus system.

As you dock into and explore The Almagest, you’ll look for a giant vault with a particular jackpot. Some Spacers will be roaming around, so dispatch them as you see fit. When you find the Vault, you’ll want to descend to the bottom right corner, where you’ll find a door.

This will lead you to a terminal connected to the Vault, where the right combination will yield rewards. Finding the Jackpot combination is simple. You only need to leave the Vault and float to the top platform. You will find a small room with some vaults and a computer.

Interact with the computer and read the “Jackpot Combination” message to get what you need in Starfield. With that knowledge, return to the vault and type the proper combination into the vault terminal.

Once you do this, a chest near the vault terminal will become accessible with various contrabands. The Sentient AI Adapter is among the possible items you can get. If you don’t get it, don’t worry; the Vault replenishes after waiting 306 UT hours outside of The Almagest.

Picking a planet where hours translate to much higher UT is ideal. For instance, a 24-hour in-game wait on Pluto equals 150 UT hours. Once you wait the necessary time, the enemies in The Almagest and the vault loot should replenish. Rinse and repeat until you get the adapters you need.

Players may pick up an item called Crate of Sentient AI Adapters. Unlike the regular Sentient AI Adapters, these cannot be sold or dropped off anywhere. The reason for this is that they are quest items.

Where to Sell Sentient AI Adapters in Starfield

Sentient AI Adapters are classified as Contraband; your selling options become slightly more constrained. You can opt for shielded cargo and try smuggling your haul into lawful authority zones to deal with vendors.

You will notice that the listed price of the contraband is relatively high. The Sentient AI Adapters, for instance, are valued at around 14840 Credits. But when you go to a vendor, they will only buy it for a fraction of the original price, somewhere around 2000 or more.

The disparity is relatively high, but there are ways to improve the odds. Various skills like bargaining and social skills will let you sell items at a 10% higher rate. It’s not much, but it’s something. It’s best to look for more neutral areas that don’t have strict laws on Contraband. Two Locations come to mind.

1. The Den

The Den, located in the Wolf Star system near Planet Cthonia, is a great and accessible early-game area. With laws eliminating the need for shielded cargo and hiding your haul, you can sell your Contraband here.

2. The Key

You also have The Key, the Headquarters of the Crimson fleet faction. It is located in the Kryx system near planet Suvorov. What sets The Key apart from The Den is having multiple vendors, some with higher credits.

One Vendor in particular, Zuri, located in the Reckoner’s Core area, has the highest credits on hand. If you plan on selling the Sentient AI Adapters in Starfield, she’s the one you should visit first.  

Another small roadblock to keep in mind is Vendor credit limits. Vendors will only have a set number of credits to offer you for your goods. It is expected to have them run out of credit before you even sell off your entire haul. Worry not, as using the game’s wait function for 48 hours will replenish the credits of all vendors.

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