Starfield Nesoi Survey Guide

Players can visit Nesoi Planet in Starfield to get its survey data which can be sold for credits to vendors.

As you stumble upon the Nesoi planet in Starfield, you can explore it deeply to collect survey data and gain financially from the time you invest in exploring this planet. Survey data can be sold to various vendors in Starfield; some offer no restriction on the survey data, while some may put constraints on survey data exclusively of habitable planets.

Getting a 100% score on Survey Data of a planet varies highly. Some planets can have a variety of flora, fauna, and resources, while some may not have all three.

How to 100% survey Nesoi in Starfield

The first thing that you can do initially is open the Olympus system and look for Nesoi. After selecting Nesoi, do an initial scan of the planet by pressing the “R key.” The scan will show you all the resources in Nesoi.

Nesoi Survey Checklist

To get 100% survey data of Nesoi, you must tick all the boxes in the checklist. The Checklist comprises all three main categories: Flora, Fauna, and Resources. The checklist further extends to Starfield Nesoi Traits as well. You must find different Fauna, Five Flora, and Resources here.

FaunaHerding Geckon Grazer, Herding Hippodon, Scavenger, Hunting Twistfin, Hunting Vectorback, Flocking Vuvuzelisk Grazer, Milliwhale Filterer, Hunting Triantler, and Flocking Saturnine Grazer
FloraSweet Fumewort, Spitting Pokeweed, Jagged Heart Leaf, Sandclaw, and Spiral Creeper
ResourcesChlorine, Water, Chlorosilanes, Tetrafluorides, Copper, Lead, and Flourine
Planet TraitsDiseased Biosphere, Psychotropic Biota, and Global Glacial Recession

All Fauna on Nesoi

There is moderate Fauna on Nesoi, and you need to scan the following in Starfield to survey this planet.

  • Herding Geckon Grazer              
  • Herding Hippodon Scavenger  
  • Hunting Twistfin           
  • Hunting Vectorback      
  • Flocking Vuvuzelisk Grazer       
  • Milliwhale Filterer        
  • Hunting Triantler          
  • Flocking Saturnine Grazer

The Hippodon Scavenger will also be coupled with instances of Hunting Twistfin in Sandy Deserts and the Mountains; this is a cautious fauna, so tread carefully when approaching it.

You will also encounter Milliwhale Filterer fauna in Frozen Volcanic, Deciduous Forest, Savanna, and Mountains. The Hunting Triantler will also appear in the Savanna; he might attack you out of nowhere. Furthermore, the Flocking Vuvuzelisk Grazer is in Deciduous Forests. You can find the Flocking Saturine Grazer in the Ocean.

The Herding Geckon Grazer will also be found with the Hunting Triantler, so keep a close eye on the Savanna. The Hunting Vectorback is with the Flocking Vuvuzelisk Grazer in the Deciduous Forest.

Land over any land you can find on Nesoi and open up your scanner to survey it in Starfield. Fauna requires you to actively engage in the same types with an incremental value towards each scan you make for that type of flora or fauna.

Multiple scans of particular fauna will turn that species overall green instead of blue, marking the completion of each fauna. You have to repeat the process again and again for each type of category to get to all eight fauna.

All Flora on Nesoi

You need to scan the following 5 flora on Nesoi to survey this Nesoi planet in Starfield.

  • Sweet Fumewort           
  • Spitting Pokeweed        
  • Jagged Heart Leaf          
  • Sandclaw           
  • Spiral Creeper

The Sandclaw is near the Sandy Desert, Mountains, and Deciduous Forest. On the other hand, you can find Sweet fumewort in the same areas of Sandclaw as well. Jagged Heart leaf in Savanna and Deciduous Forest of Nesoi along with the  Spitting Pokeweed. You can find Spiral Creepers in the Deciduous forest. The five of these will cover All Flora on Nesoi.

If you can see the pattern here, you will realize that you can Hasten your work to get all Flora on Nesoi by simply going to the Deciduous Forest, as it has All Flora on Nesoi. Scanning of Flora is identical to that of Fauna, but the advantage here is that it won’t fight back, and you harvest and scan it with ease.

How to Find Resources on Nesoi in Starfield

ArgonMountain“Argon has several uses in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.”
BenzeneMountain“Benzene is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in several crafting recipes at the workbenches.”
Carboxylic AcidMountain“Carboxylic Acid is a resource used to craft weapons and gear as well as in Research Projects.”
 IridiumMountain“Iridium is an uncommon metal used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear as well as in Research Projects.”
IronMountain“Iron is a metal used to craft and upgrade various weapons and gear in Starfield. It is also used in the Outpost Construction.”
TantalumMountain“Tantalium is a resource used to craft and build everything from outposts to weapon mods to spacesuit upgrades.”
UraniumMountain“Uranium is an uncommon resource used as a fuel in nuclear reactors, generating energy through controlled nuclear fission.”
WaterMountain“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”

Using the Scanner, you can find all resources in one attempt. You can find Benzene in the tropical area where it rains a lot. Similarly, you can discover Carboxylic acid in multiple regions of the Planet, and it won’t be difficult to find.

All Biomes on Nesoi in Starfield

Planet Nesoi has several Biomes that are listed below. All of these biomes can be found in the Survey Checklist:

  • Ocean
  • Frozen Volcanic
  • Mountains
  • Savanna
  • Sandy Desert
  • Deciduous Forest

How to Discover Nesoi Traits

To discover the Two Nesoi Traits, you must navigate to the surface map and look for points of interest. These will likely be flags and different symbolic anomalies shown on the map. They will also be shown with the remainder distance on your scanner when you equip it as you play it.

To discover the Nesoi Traits in Starfield, you must travel to the mentioned Anomalies on the surface maps. The two Nesoi Traits are listed below:

  • Ecological Consortium
  • Sentient Microbial Colonies

Ecological Consortium requires you to scan the hive structures concealed in the Decidous Forest. Sentient Microbial Colonies needs you to scan the unknown Microbial Colony locations in the Savanna. Both of these can be scanned easily by making it to their locations.

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