Starfield Pluto Survey Guide

Pluto in Starfield helps you make some good Credits as you can gather its Survey data and Sell it.

Surveying Pluto in Starfield is easy as you don’t have to scan any flora or fauna for its survey completion. Surveying Planets can be very beneficial as completion over the 100% survey score can lead to financial gains as the survey data can be sold easily.

The guide will explain how to 100% survey Pluto. This contains elements like scanning resources, flora, and fauna, where they are located, and the specific Pluto traits. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

How to 100% survey Pluto in Starfield

Considering the various Planets of Different Systems, Pluto of the Sol System will not give you a hard time with the completion of its Survey Data. Pluto also has the initial scan resources that increase your survey percentage bar to an extent.

This gives you a slight edge when starting your survey journey in Starfield for Pluto. As you perform the scan, it will showcase the available resources on Pluto.

Pluto Survey Checklist

Pluto Survey Checklist in Starfield has a total of four resources that you need to find to get the survey to complete 100%. On the other hand, you will not find a single Fauna, Flora, or Traits due to lack of oxygen in the environment.

LeadMountain“Lead is a resource that your character can farm to craft and equip powerful modifications to your best weapons.”
TitaniumMountainTitanium is an uncommon inorganic resource used to unlock research projects, upgrade your gear, and build various Outposts.”
TungstenMountainTungsten is an uncommon inorganic resource that can be used in a number of crafting recipes.”
WaterMountain“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life which is used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”

All Fauna and Flora in Pluto

Players usually find scanning resources, flora, and fauna very annoying as they consume a staggering amount of time. Even when players are near their completion, there is always a resource, flora, or fauna that will not let them complete the 100% survey. This can become very stressful as players explore every biome of the Planet.


However, this should not be the case for Pluto as it will not let the players worry about its Survey checklist in Starfield. Pluto’s survey data consists of only four resources and no flora or fauna. Players might think that finding the four resources will be difficult, but that is also not the case, as the minute resources are all coupled together in the biomes of Pluto.

How to Find Resources on Pluto in Starfield

As soon as you land on Pluto, you will notice the desertness over the land and irregular rocky platforms. You will easily be able to find all four resources one by one as you travel on the deserted landing area.

  • Lead
  • Tungsten
  • Water
  • Titanium.

To mine them, simply equip your laser cutter and hold your mouse over the ore/rock that contains the resource. Give it a few seconds, and it will instantly be harvested and available in your inventory.

How to discover Pluto Traits

Most planets in Starfield have traits that define their uniqueness compared to other planets. However, in the case of Pluto in Starfield, there are no traits to discover.

You can essentially complete your survey data by locating the four resources on Pluto. After you are done, the following will be displayed where the requisites of the survey are mentioned.

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