How To Find Casino Almagest Jackpot Backend Combination In Starfield

Finding Casino Almagest's Jackpot leads to a substantial amount of credits you can obtain as a reward. In this guide, we will let you find the combination to the lock and where you can use it.

The Almagest is a space-faring casino in the far reaches of the Olympus system, hovering near planet Nesoi’s orbit. Once a bustling hub of activity for the rich, the station has long since been abandoned, but its history has attracted many spacers who still swarm, hoping to uncover some hidden riches to line their own pockets. This guide will let you know how you can find the combination to Casino Almagest Jackpot and unlock it in Starfield.

Where to find the Almagest Casino Vault

As you make your way to the station, before you commit to docking, make sure that you are carrying enough ammunition and healing items. There will be a surprising number of spacers already in the station so if you were expecting to simply explore a derelict station with little to no resistance, you’d best think again as their numbers can get a bit overwhelming if caught unprepared.

As soon as you enter the station, make clearing out all hostiles your priority so you can explore the station leisurely since you’ll need some peace of mind to unravel the secret of the station.

With the halls emptied of hostiles, explore at your leisure and you will eventually find a large jackpot vault, the Casino Almagest’s crowning jewel in Starfield.

Ignore it for now as you need a specific number combination to unlock the vault. As such, finding a clue to unravel that combination takes priority.

Starfield Jackpot Backend Combination location for Almagest Casino

Continue your ascent beyond the vault until you reach the top area. In this area, you will find a small cabin that houses a few items of interest. The science crate at the end of the hall stores a rare item, as well as some lockers on the wall to the side for some extra loot.

What takes precedence here though, is the ‘Manager’s Computer’ on the desk to the side.

The computer has some interesting information stored on it, but what you’re really looking for is the Almagest Casino ‘Jackpot Combination’ in Starfield. This is the Almagest Casino Jackpot Backend combination you need. This message will list the appropriate number combination that will allow you to open the vault. The combination for Almagest Casino is 12, 19, 36, 5.

With this knowledge now at your disposal, a new question emerges: Where to enter these numbers to open the vault? The panel that connects to the vault isn’t hard to find. However, it can easily be missed if you aren’t paying attention.

You just need to go back to the vault and near the bottom. There you will find a small opening that will lead you into a small corridor. Go through it and follow the opening to the end.

Shortly after, you will find some loot but more importantly, the ‘Jackpot Backend’ panel where you can enter the numbers. Now, just enter the combination you extracted from the manager’s computer into the panel in the correct order.

Casino Almagest Jackpot reward

Once you enter the casino combination you will notice a congratulatory screen and get 3,700 credits for your efforts. While the jackpot amount, itself may not seem so grand, the special loot you obtain from various points across the Almagest Casino as well as from the corpses of the Spacers you had to contend with, makes the venture far more profitable when all accounted for in Starfield.

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