Understanding Zero-G Effects In Starfield

Starfield takes place in a Zero-G environment so understanding how it works is a must

Starfield delivers the complete space adventure package, packing in exciting exploration, diverse and dangerous celestial bodies, and even a robust Starship customization option. Starfield takes place in space, so phenomena like Zero-G Effect are a big part of the game.

While it will not always be present, it appears occasionally, lending an extra sense of novelty to the exploration and combat.

In this guide, we will be going over the ins and outs of zero gravity in Starfield, including how it works and all the areas that feature zero gravity so you can go and experience this phenomenon for yourself!

Starfield Zero-G Effects Explained

Zero Gravity, as the name suggests, is a state without gravity. No gravity means you will not be pulled down and will be free to float wherever you are. This has two effects; firstly, you and your enemies float around the area, adding more nuance to the combat.

You will have to be more careful of your movement as you may not immediately have access to cover. Additionally, you may also not be able to disengage from a combat situation as easily as you would have if there were gravity present.

Furthermore, Zero-G also adds a sense of verticality to combat in Starfield. You can float up and attack your enemies from above and vice versa. There is an extra element of surprise and risk, along with an added layer of flair and style.
Secondly, when using certain weapons under Zero-G you may experience significant recoil. Ballistic Weapons, in particular, become a nuisance to use in Zero-G. They will kick you back upon use quite intensely. This may disorientate you and make you more vulnerable to attacks.

The kickback from Ballistic Weapons also disorientates you. Using third-person mode can make this a bit more manageable.

Areas with Zero-G in Starfield

Despite the exciting (and somewhat annoying) possibilities that zero gravity has to offer in Starfield, there are not a lot of places in-game where you can experience this.

Abandoned Space Stations

When trekking through space, you may encounter abandoned space stations you can dock your ship into. These space stations often have some enemies and resources and can be explored in Zero-G. Keep in mind that these space stations have to be abandoned. If they’re not, chances are they do not have zero gravity.

Abandoned Staryards

Like the Space Stations, abandoned Staryards are also an excellent place to experience zero gravity.


Ships, both hostile and friendly other than your own, can be boarded to combat in zero gravity. Like the Staryards and Space Stations, you’ll also find them whilst exploring space.


There are no zero-g effect planets in the Starfield. Some planets do have lower gravities that allow you to jump a little higher and allow you to execute some of the maneuvers described above. But by and large, they cut off a certain distance. Mithras in the Olympus system has a fairly low gravity that may allow you to experience the effects of Zero-G.

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