Starfield New Atlantis Shipyard Location Guide

Finding a Shipyard at the New Atlantis is not a surprise, as it is one of the most important cities in Starfield.

One of the many shipyards in Starfield is the New Atlantis shipyard, which offers all the services you require for your ship. You can invest Credits in your existing ship to improve its functionality and aesthetic value.

Moreover, different parts such as premier ballistic weapons, great grav drives, fuel tanks, and solid reactors can be added to your ship. You can also add exceptional habs, luxury interiors, and modern cockpits to your ship.

Besides these services, you can buy whole new ships from this Shipyard in Starfield with your desired specifications or just for their aesthetic value. The New Atlantis is one of the easiest shipyards to find, so let’s look at its location and the ships it offers.

New Atlantis Shipyard location in Starfield

The New Atlantis Shipyard is located in the New Atlantis city on the Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri system. You will visit this city early on in the game, thus making it one of the easiest Ship Technicians to go to for repairs, upgrades, and new ships.

The first step to locating the New Atlantis Shipyard is looking for the Alpha Centauri System in Starfield. Find the Jemison planet in the system, and then travel to the New Atlantis City on the Jemison.

Just as you exit your ship on the landing pad, you will see a Ship Technician standing in front waiting for you. The New Atlantis Shipyard in Starfield stays in service no matter what time you visit.


All ships you can buy from New Atlantis Shipyard

There are some of the best ships that you can buy from the New Atlantis Shipyard. Following are the ships I found while visiting this Shipyard in Starfield:

  • Wanderwell – 71186 Credits
  • Rambler II – 82955 Credits
  • Galileo III – 198731 Credits
  • MULE II – 110395 Credits
  • Vindicator – 223924 Credits
  • Sparrow II – 108904 Credits
  • Trebuchet II – 166560 Credits
  • Nimitz – 201963 Credits
  • Shieldbreaker – 232737 Credits

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