How To Get Shieldbreaker Ship In Starfield

Shieldbreaker is a Starfield ship with features that let you destroy enemy ships faster.

With an excellent ability to hold Firepower, Shieldbreaker is the ship in Starfield that allows you to remove enemies from existence. Talking of weapons, it has laser weapons that can track the movement of the enemy ship to attack.

Aside from excellent firepower, it also has maneuverability, which will help you get out of tough situations. In terms of practicality, Shieldbreaker can easily haul up to 5 crew members and all your loot within “2280” Cargo capacity.

You can use this big Cargo-carrying capacity to transport items such as Polymer that can build outposts in no man’s land. With all this power comes responsibility; therefore, you need a Class B piloting license to fly Shieldbreaker.

In terms of defense, Shieldbreaker has a very low stat of 940, meaning it cannot take a lot of damage from enemies. But this issue can easily be countered by installing a “Shield Generator,” which will absorb damage in Starfield.

Where to buy Sheildbreaker Ship in Starfield

To Purchase Shieldbreaker in Starfield, you need to follow the simple steps given below. You will find many unique and rare ship vendors in Starfield, but one I will visit is inside the Jemison.

  • Travel to the “New Atlantis” city inside the Starfield Jemison Planet.
  • Head to the “Ship Services Technicians” by taking a right from the “Landing Pad” of the ship.
  • Initiate the conversation with the Ship Services Technician and choose the “Let me see what ships you have for sale” option from the list.
  • You will then be able to see all the ships that the Technician has for sale.
  • Find Shieldbreaker Ship from the list and select it. It will cost you 265,443 Credits to buy.

Sheildbreaker Ship Stats in Starfield

After getting Shieldbreaker Ship in Starfield, you will get “BAL30” and “LAS 34” as weapons. The overall stats of the Shieldbreaker are mentioned below:

Cargo Capacity2280Shielded Capacity0
ReactorClass B 27Crew5
Jump25 Light YearsShield610

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