Starfield Managing Assets Walkthrough

It turns out that sparing Tomo was more than just a correct moral choice.

Managing Assets is an interesting side mission in Starfield that carries forward choices that you made in previous missions for Ryujin Industries.

Depending on your history with a certain individual, you have an excellent opportunity here to farm a lot of credits in one go.

Managing Assets takes place at the behest of Mr. Benjamin Bayu, who will be a familiar name if you are running errands for Ryujin Industries. There is a rival operative who has been giving him some trouble. Find a way to deal with him.

How to unlock the Managing Assets mission

You need to speak with Masako Imada of Ryujin Industries to start Managing Assets in Starfield. However, there are several prerequisites involved.

Your choices in Guilty Parties, an important mission in the Ryujin Industries questline, decide whether Masako gives you the Managing Assets mission or not.

While playing Guilty Parties, you must choose to not complete the optional objective of speaking with Benjamin Bayu in the club. This is where you have the option of persuading him to help you out as a favor.

Secondly, ignore the dialogue prompt to tell Benjamin to “bring it up to Dalton” during Guilty Parties. This sort of cuts out Benjamin from the questline.

If you followed either of the two aforementioned choice recommendations, you can speak with Masako afterward to unlock and start Managing Assets.

How to complete Managing Assets in Starfield

Masako will reveal that they have been having some trouble with a rival operative. She wants you to take care of the operative at the behest of Benjamin Bayu.

Confront the rival operative

The rival operative in Managing Assets is none other than Tomo Higashi who you encountered in a couple of previous faction missions for Ryujin Industries.

Do note that if you chose to kill Tomo in the Back to the Grind mission, the rival operative will be someone else. If you spared Tomo back then, you will have another chance to either kill or spare him again to complete Managing Assets in Starfield.

The location of Tomo (or the target) is going to be random for every playthrough and player. For us, it was Gagarin Landing.

Make your way to wherever Masako sends you and follow your mission marker to confront the rival operative.

Should you kill or spare Tomo in Starfield?

There are a couple of ways to deal with Tomo to complete the Managing Assets mission in Starfield.

You can, firstly, attack him head-on to kill him. Tomo is not a hard enemy to defeat, but we do not recommend this choice. If you decided to spare Tomo for attacking you in the Back to the Grind mission, it makes little sense to kill him now.

Instead, the best choice here is to spare Tomo because he is going to pay a lot of credits as a guarantee that he will not show his face around these settlements.

The choices are going to be the same even if the rival operative is someone other than Tomo. However, as it will be explained next, the choice of either killing or sparing will come down as a moral choice in the case of a random rival operative.

Force Tomo to pay extra credits (optional)

While this choice will not appear as an optional objective, you can choose the right dialogues to force Tomo to pay extra credits.

The first time you ask him for credits for sparing his life, Tomo will give you 1,000 credits. You can ask for more credits afterward before the conversation ends. Tomo will have no choice but to pay you another 3,000 credits.

Extort extra money from Tomo for sparing his life in Starfield.

The outcome is going to be the same in both cases. This is also why sparing Tomo is the best choice to make in Managing Assets. If you kill him, you will be throwing away a chance to get 4,000 credits.

That being said, if your rival operative is someone other than Tomo, you will not be able to extort any credits from them. Instead, you will be the one paying them to leave.

The roles will, basically, be reversed. You will now be convincing them to make do with fewer credits. They will initially ask for a large sum of credits but remind them that you are letting them live and they will come down to 2,500 credits to go away and not return for both of your sakes.

Return to Dalton in Ryujin Tower

Once you have dealt with the rival operative, your mission marker will ask you to head back to Dalton to give him an update. He can be found in the Ryujin Tower.

Starfield – Managing Assets mission rewards

For successfully dealing with the rival operative, Dalton will reward you with Digipicks, XP, and Credits to end the side mission in Starfield.

The amount of credits depends on your character level but they will be in addition to what you got from extorting Tomo.

Completing Managing Assets in Starfield will also unlock the Sabotage faction mission for Ryujin Industries.

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