How To Fix “You Are Not Authorized To Pilot This Ship” In Starfield

Not getting permission to Pilot the Ship in Starfield? Don't worry; here you will find all possible solutions for this.

Starfield offers a large variety of ships with varying capabilities. Sometimes, you may get the message “You are not authorized to pilot this ship” when trying to fly a spaceship in Starfield. This issue can be a nuisance if you don’t know how to deal with it. There are multiple reasons for displaying this message, all with different solutions. I will cover them all in this guide.

Starfield “You Are Not Authorized To Pilot This Ship” solutions

The possible reasons for getting this error message in Starfield are below, along with their solutions.

Inadequate Credentials

For some ships in the game, you may need specific licenses and certifications to pilot them. These documents are necessary as you cannot access the ship’s controls without them. It would be best to get the missing credentials to Pilot the ship. Getting such credentials may require talking with relevant authorities.

Lack of Training and Piloting Skills

In addition to credentials, you must have the necessary skills and training to pilot the ship. You need to invest skill points in the pilot tab to get these. You may need to progress to a specific point to unlock these skills in Starfield.

Hence, make sure to spare some skill points for piloting skills, as you get access to a new range of ships and gain a significant boost in many inflight parameters. Hiring a crew member with High Piloting skills can also fix this error. For example, you will need Rank 3 Piloting Skill to pilot Class B spaceships.


Only the individual who has direct ownership of the spaceship can pilot it. The ship’s owner can lock it, preventing you from piloting it. Only claiming ship ownership will allow you to pilot it in Starfield.


To get the Ownership of a ship, you need to visit a spaceport technician. You have to register that stolen ship as your own. Doing so will make it available on the spaceport as your ship.

Factional Disputes

If a ship belongs to a faction that does not want you to pilot it, it can do so by preventing authorization of said ship. Your past actions or reputation may cause this behavior by certain factions in Starfield.

You can gain access to the ship by befriending the faction that owns it. You can progress through their questline or use persuasion skills depending on the situation.

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