Starfield Laredo Firearms And Shooting Range Locations Guide

The Laredo Firearms Shop and Shooting Range has an old western vibe in Starfield. You can buy a lot of classic weapons at this establishment.

Have you ever wanted to shop for classic firearms like in the Wild Western movies, and play a cowboy? Well, in Starfield, you can do more than that. You can play as a space cowboy and hop like one, too, from the Laredo firearms in Starfield. The Laredo Firearms and Shooting Range is a gun shop located in Akila City in Starfield. You will find this on the appropriately named planet Akila.

The shop has old-school weapons that, although outdated, still are some of the best weapons available in Starfield. This makes this establishment a must-visit.

How to get to Laredo Firearms in Starfield?

To get to the Laredo Firearm and Shooting range in Starfield, you have to first Grav jump to the “ Cheyenne” System. The fuel consumption will depend on how far you are from this system, so keep that in mind. Next, travel to the Akila Planet.

This planet will have a friendly and hospitable environment, so you can remove your space suit and Helmet. Replace them with cowboy apparel to fit the aesthetic. After you have traveled to the planet, find Akila City and land there.

After you have docked in the Akila City’s port, make your way to the main gate. As soon as you cross, turn right immediately. Keep following the path; you will see the Laredo Firearms and Shooting Range Orange board in the distance.

Why should you go to the Laredo Firearms in Starfield?

There are two main benefits of visiting the Laredo Firearms in Starfield.

Classic weapons

The Laredo firearms in jam-packed with classic and old-school weapons and firearms. You can get anything from revolvers to rifles.

Although the weapons are outdated and a little old-fashioned, they still are amongst the best firearms in Starfield. They have high damage output and are great piercing armor. Furthermore, they look extremely cool. These are some of the weapons available in the Laredo Firearms Shop.

  • Rattler
  • Bridger
  • Lawgiver
  • Coachman
  • Razorback
  • Tombstone
  • Regulator

Ryujin Industries Mission

You can complete the Ryujin Industries Mission by planting some files in the Laredo Firearms. You must have a few Digipicks on hand. The chest is on the second floor and requires you to pick the locks. After you complete the mission, you will get decent rewards for doing the sneaky ninja espionage in Starfield.

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