Starfield Fishy Business Walkthrough

You will get to make your own Aurora drug in Fishy Business which can slow down time in Starfield. Sounds.. fishy.

“Fishy Business” will give you another look at the criminal underworld of Neon City where you must involve yourself with contraband smugglers, dealers, gamblers, and thugs in Starfield.

This new quest will provide you with a first-hand glimpse into the production and smuggling of the Hallucinogenic drug Aurora, which is extracted from the Chasmbass fish. This drug has the ability to slow down time in the game and can be used for multiple purposes.

After dealing with Felix, you’ll replace him as an Aurora smuggler and will be sent to Xenofresh Fisheries Factory, where you’ll play a major role in the crafting and smuggling of Aurora.

To learn how to complete the Fishy Business side quest in Starfield and gain all the rewards it has to offer, follow this guide.

How to unlock the Fishy Business mission

Head over to Neon City on the Volii Alpha planet and complete Loose Ends which requires you to deliver a secret package to Yannick. Once you are done with that, speak with Yannick again to get the Fishy Business mission in Starfield.

How to complete Fishy Business in Starfield

Yannick will give you the task of learning how to make Amp. You will be provided with some ingredients at the end of the previous quest, which you’ll need. You are required to learn how to produce a steady supply of Aurora.

Get a job at Xenofresh Fisheries

After you’re done with Yannick, you must head out of there and find your way to the Xenofresh Corporate HQ. You can get there by following the blue marker and taking the elevator right of the Astral Lounge sign.

You’ll see a receptionist named Amanda as soon as you enter. What you need to do here is submit a job application by opening the computer and applying for the ‘Production Line Chemist’ vacancy.

Once done, head out there and make your way to the Xenofresh Fisheries, which is located in the underbelly of Neon City.

You can get there by following a blue marker and taking the elevator down. You’ll recognize this place by spotting a huge fish dangling from the ceiling, and the path will lead you to the Xenofresh Fisheries Factory.

Speak with Valentina Gurov

Speak with Valentina Gurov after reaching the Xenofresh Fisheries Factory. Tell her that you are ready to start your job and then put on the yellow Xenofresh clean suit by opening your inventory.

Valentina will take you downstairs where she will explain the entire production process to you. Listen carefully as you will need to make one batch of Aurora.

The production line consists of three components: the ingredients box on the assembly line from which you must collect ingredients, the pharmaceutical lab to craft Aurora, and the Assembly Hopper in which the final product goes.

These three steps must be performed in order to complete one batch of Aurora.

Follow the steps to make one batch of Amp in Starfield.

Craft three batches of Aurora

Valentina will ask you to craft three batches of Aurora using the production process she just explained.

In this part of the Fishy Business mission, you will have 1 minute to craft each Aurora batch in Starfield. If you manage to complete the objective within the time limit, you will earn bonus credits at the end.

Speak with Robie

After you are done with making three batches of Aurora, make your way to the canteen to find Robie who is actually an insider working for Yannick.

Robie will give you a set of coordinates for future shipping. After that, you must return to Yannick.

Make a deal with Bayu and Yannick

When you enter Yannick Legrande’s shop, you will find Benjamin Bayu along with Neon City Security. You, Bayu, and Yannick can make a deal to continue the production of Yannick’s Blend with decent profits going to Benjamin Bayu’s pockets. This will conclude the quest and unlock the next, Supply Line, mission.

Starfield – Fishy Business mission rewards

Upon completion of the Fishy Business side quest in Starfield, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • EXP: 75
  • 1200 Credits for completing three batches of Aurora on time
  • 6000 Credits for completing Fishy Business
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