Starfield Saburo’s Solution Walkthrough

Saburo's Solution to improving his business is distributing flyers among the Neon City Merchants of Starfield.

A kind-hearted local mining equipment vendor wants your help in uniting the Neon City shop owners in Saburo’s Solution side quest in Starfield.

The quest essentially requires you to spread flyers all around Neon City and persuade shop owners to become united as it is the only solution for prosperity for the vendors.

How to unlock Saburo’s Solution mission

You need to speak with Saburo Okadigbo to unlock Saburo’s Solution in Starfield. He can be found inside the Mining League which is located in Neon City.

If you are still finding it hard to find Saburo or the Mining League, simply activate your mission from the mission logs and follow the quest marker on your screen.

How to complete Saburo’s Solution in Starfield

Saburo wants you to help him distribute some flyers among the Neon City shop owners. There are several of them, but only five will be willing to accept. Below are the locations of all five Neon merchants you need to give the flyer.

Distribute Saburo’s flyers

James Newill (Newill’s Goods)
James Newill can be found in his shop, Newill Goods, next to the Freestars Rangers store. If you haven’t played the All for One side quest, speak with James Newill to unlock it after you’re done with Saburo’s Solution side mission.


Yannick Legrande (Legrande’s Liquors)
The second shop owner who’ll accept your flyer is Yannick Legrande who can be found in the Yannick Liquors store across the road from Newill’s Goods.

Dietrich Seighart (Sieghart’s Outfitters)
After delivering the second flyer exit Yannick Liquors and make a left towards the apartment buildings where you’ll find Seighart’s Outfitters. Enter the shop and give the flyer to Dietrich Seighart.

Doctor Manning (Reliant Medical)
The next merchant is actually Doctor Manning. His Reliant Medical clinic is right across Seighart’s shop.

Tevin Anastas (The Emporium)
Exit Seigharts Outfitters and turn left to enter the Emporium and deliver the flyer to Tevin Anastas.

Return to Saburo

Once all the flyers are delivered head back to the Mining Leagues shop and speak with Saburo get rewarded for your work and complete Saburo’s Solution side quest in Starfield.

Starfield – Saburo’s Solution mission rewards

  • 1300 Credits
  • 55 EXP

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