Starfield The Audition Walkthrough

War is brewing between two gangs in Neon and it is up to you to settle thing down in The Audition side mission in Starfield.

The Audition is a side mission in Starfield that puts us in a place where we can end the gang war between two rivals: The Strikers and The Disciples.

Differences in opinion can instigate war and more often than not people unrelated to the war suffer from collateral damage even more than the two sides. The case here is quite similar.

Ending this war from the outside might have slim chances so have to infiltrate. How are we going to that and how it is going to help the cause, more on that in our guide.

How to unlock The Audition mission

There is no prior requirement to take part in this side mission other than the fact that you need to visit the Neon Planet in the Volii Alpha Star System.

It is a planet known for crimes and illegal activities throughout the Settled Systems. It is also where most missions for the Ryujin Industries questline take place.

To trigger the quest, you are going to need to find a man named Digger Zemin. The most common place that you can find him is outside Madame Sauvage’s. It is a popular club in Neon and also notorious for providing a haven to criminals.

Zemin will tell you about the war that has been waging between the two rival gangs and it has made the life of already miserable citizens even more miserable.

You can offer to help and the quest will start. Keep in mind that he will ask you for money but only after giving you the information.

How to complete The Audition in Starfield

Here is what you need to do to complete The Audition side quest in Starfield.

Get recruited by the Strikers

The first step towards dealing with the gang war is to get yourself recruited into one. The Disciples, who are the main troublemakers are impossible to get into. Your best bet is to become part of the older more reasonable group called the Strikers.

Once you have gathered the primary information from Digger, head inside the club and you will find Striker’s Lieutenant Andrea Sandoval. She will be standing next to the bar. Talk to her and she will tell you more about what is happening between both of the gangs.

You can ask her about the Disciples and then ask her to take you to her boss, Briggs. He is the leader of the Strikers. At first, Andrea will refuse but eventually, she will agree. Go to the upper floor of the club where you will find Briggs.

Talk to him and convince him to let you join the gang. If you have Neon Street Rat Perk, you will have an easier time doing so but you will also be fine without it. Once he agrees, he will give you a task to prove your worth.

Steal the Data Slate from Warehouse 02

Someone is supplying the Disciples with military-grade weapons and you need to figure out who. You can do so by stealing a data slate from warehouse 02, the spot where the Disciples are hoarding their guns.

Follow the mission marker and you will get to the warehouse in no time. Now you have two ways to do this: stealth or guns blazing.

Option 1 – Sneak past the guards

If you have invested some points towards Stealth then you will be able to sneak past the guards inside the building.

There should be one right in front of the entrance, one to the right on the platform, and another one on the lower level. Sneak past all of them and steal the data slate without getting noticed.

Option 2 – Eliminate everyone

If stealth is not your choice of operating, you can go in gun blazing and eliminate all members of the Disciples within the building.

Take the slate and get out. It should be easy enough if you are reasonably leveled. The enemies do not pose a big threat.

Return the Slate to Briggs

Return to Madame Sauvage’s and go to Briggs. Give him the slate and he will be surprised that you pulled it off all by yourself.

He will be impressed and will allow you to become a part of the Striker. This will also wrap up The Audition side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – The Audition mission rewards

It pays decently to help a gang resolve its matters. This is the reward that you are going to get for completing The Audition in Starfield:

  • Striker Maskwear Apparel
  • 4300x Credits

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