Starfield Display Of Power Walkthrough

You must hack some signs in Neon City for the Strikers Gang. This will be a Display of Power for the gang in Starfield.

Display of Power takes place in the bright and vibrant streets of Neon City in Starfield. The city is home to multiple criminal organizations, and every organization thrives to express its dominance over others.

In this mission, you’ll join a nefarious gang called The Strikers and help express their supremacy over the rival gang called The Disciples.

You must hack different electronic billboards and express gang tags for The Strikers to assert their dominance.

We have compiled this guide to make it easy for you to complete Display of Power in Starfield. Here’s what you need to do.

How to unlock the Display of Power mission

To unlock the Display of Power mission in Starfield, you must head to Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. Over here, you must first complete The Audition side mission for Briggs.

The mission will commence after you visit Madame Sauvage’s Place. You’ll meet Briggs over here, and he’ll hand you over to Hatchet.

Speak to Hatchet, and she’ll tell you about her plan to assert dominance for the Strikers against the rival gang called the Disciples.

You’ll be tasked with hacking three signs to express the revival of the gang, and you’ll also be told to keep a low body count as you go through this mission.

Nevertheless, you can approach the mission however you like, so if you want, kill as many Disciples as you’d like. After receiving all the instructions, it’s time to head out and hack the three signs.

How to complete Display of Power in Starfield

After Hatchet briefs you on the plan of asserting dominance over the Disciples, you must head to three electronic billboard signs and hack them to express the Strikers Gang Tag.

Leave Madame Sauvage’s Place and set your way to your first objective. The blue objective markers will indicate the locations of the signs, and you can visit any of them first.

Some of these signs are a bit tricky to locate, and we will assist you in finding them with the help of this guide.

Before you head towards the signs, we recommend you equip powerful weapons and plenty of ammo. You are going to need some serious firepower during the mission.

Hack the first sign

Location of the first sign that you need to hack in Starfield.

To get to the first sign location, you must head to Ebbside near the Trade Authority Building.

Follow the objective marker up the stairs near the Fish Market, which will lead you to a balcony. Crossing the balcony will lead to more stairs that take you to the roof.

As you approach the billboard sign, you’ll encounter members of the Disciples. Take them out to gain access to the sign.

Now that the area is clear, find the box and the control panel to hack the sign. Once you’re done, head down from there and on your way to the next sign.

Hack the second sign

The second sign that you need to hack in the Display of Power mission.

You must head to the Underbelly in Ebbside to locate the second hack sign. Take an elevator to travel down there and head to the Xenofresh Fisheries Factory, where you’ll find the second sign.

The objective marker will lead you to a bridge that must be crossed. After crossing the bridge, you’ll see a grey box with the control panel behind it. You’ll have to access the control panel to hack the sign.

However, it won’t be that simple as you’ll come across a Neon Security Guard roaming the area. You can avoid the security guard if you have a camo suit on.

If you don’t, you’ll have no choice but to deal with him. The best option here is to deal with the guard peacefully. Do not start a fight with him.

You can take the following courses of action to resolve the matter peacefully:

  • If you have very high persuasion skills, you can try persuading the guard to let you go.
  • If your persuasion skills don’t work, you can attempt to bribe the security guard. Paying 1500 credits makes him shut his eyes on the scene.
  • If you possess the Neon Street Rat trait, you can try convincing the guard that Strikers are superior to Disciples.

After you’re successful in getting away from the security guard, access the control panel and hack the sign. Next, you must head to the third and final sign.

Hack the third sign

The third sign that needs to be hacked in Starfield's Display of Power.

The third sign is located near Legrande’s Liquor Store. You can get there by taking the elevator to the upper level.

After traveling up the elevator, you must find a door in front of the Euphorika Building. This door leads to Bayu Plaza, and you must head right on the main street to reach Legrande’s Liquor Store.

The third sign will also have a security guard beside it. However, this won’t be much of a problem as you can access the control panel of the sign without entering the guard’s field of vision. Hack the third sign and get out of there.

Report to Briggs

After you hack all three signs and claim the turf for the Strikers, it’s time you head back to Madame Sauvage’s Place, where you’ll report to Briggs.

He will tell you about their final plan of dealing with the Disciples. However, this plan will involve innocent people getting hurt, and you must advocate against allowing the people to get hurt to impress Sarah Morgan.

Briggs will reward you for your completion of Display of Power and will task you with acquiring armor from Newill’s. This will set the stage for the next mission, named The Showdown, which will settle the rivalry between the Strikers and the Disciples.

Starfield – Display of Power bugs and fixes

The door leading to Briggs can sometimes get bugged during the Display of Power mission in Starfield.

The door should be open for you after joining the Strikers. However, you may find it locked due to some bugs, preventing access to Briggs.

The way to fix this bug is to put your Manipulation skills to the test by convincing Andrea to open the door. This will work for most players.

Starfield – Display of Power mission rewards

Upon completion of the Display of Power side quest in Starfield, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • XP: 75
  • Credits: 4300
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