Starfield The Showdown Walkthrough

The Showdown ends the Strikers' mission series in Starfield. This is also where your loyalty to the Strikers will be tested.

The Showdown is the final side mission of the Strikers’ storyline in Starfield that will end the gang war with the Disciples.

After you’ve expressed the comeback of the Strikers by hacking signs around town, it’s time for the Final Showdown, where only one gang will be the victor. In the end, the choices you make will have a major impact on how the events unfold.

We have compiled this guide to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of The Showdown side quest in Starfield. So, let’s get rolling.

How to unlock the Showdown mission

You need to first complete Display of Power and then return to speak with Vogal Fuches in Neon City to unlock the Showdown mission in Starfield.

He can be found at Madame Sauvage’s Place in the Ebbside District. You can also peak with Briggs in the same room to get a briefing on what the Strikers are planning now.

The Showdown, as the name implies, is the concluding mission of Strikers’ storyline where you will finally put an end to the Disciples gang.


How to complete The Showdown in Starfield

Vogal will give you three Disciple hangout locations. You need to head over to each location and eliminate the Disciples to clear the area.

Along your way, you will be given an offer to side with the Disciples. Accepting to do so will require you to take out the leadership of the Strikers.

If you stay committed to the Strikers, there will be a final showdown in Starfield where you’ll eliminate the Disciples in a warehouse for good. Now that you have an idea of what goes on in the mission let’s get into the detail.

Eliminate the Disciple hangouts

After getting the locations of the Disciples hangouts from Vogal, you must head over to each location and eliminate any Disciple in your sight.

Location 1

Should you Attack or Persuade the Disciple hangouts in Starfield?

To locate the first group, you must head to Ebbside following the objective marker and take the elevator to the Underbelly.

Make your way to the Xenofresh Fisheries Factory, and you’ll come across the group of Disciple gang members.

You can choose two courses of action here: Either attack them as soon as you see them or persuade them to leave with peace.

Remember that this group won’t be hostile when you approach them and will allow room for persuasion. We recommend you choose the peaceful option as it will prove to be more beneficial in the future.

Location 2

Kill all disciples at the second location.

After clearing the first hangout, follow the objective marker to the second Disciple hangout. You can find this rival group on the far side of Ebbside in one of the warehouses.

Unlike the first group, which left room for negotiation, this group of Disciples will attack you as soon as you’re spotted. Therefore, you’ll have no other option but to fight back.

You must eliminate every rival gang member and clear out this area from the Disciples. You’ll also be able to collect valuable loot from the corpses, which include weapons and ammo.

Location 3

Test your loyalty in the third Disciple hangout location in Starfield.

The third Disciples Hangout, led by Holt Henley, is the one where your loyalty will be put to the test. This hangout can be found in Warehouse 02 in Ebbside.

Holt will offer you to betray the Strikers and side with the Disciples in exchange for credits. You can either reject or accept the offer by choosing the dialogue ‘I could use the credits’.

If you stay loyal to the Strikers and reject the betrayal offer from Holt, you’ll have to eliminate Holt and his entire crew.

If you choose to side with the Disciples, you’ll have to kill the leaders of the Strikers in Madame Sauvage’s Place.

Retrieve armor for the Strikers (optional)

If you spoke with Briggs at the start of The Showdown in Starfield, he will have given you an optional objective to get armor from Newill’s Store to gear up for the final assault.

Head to Ikuchi Marker in Neon’s Core and find James Newill’s store. Newill will offer the armor for 8000 credits, but you can persuade him for a discount, in which case you’ll pay 5000 credits.

After you obtain the Armor from Newill’s, head back to meet with the Strikers and prepare for the final assault against the Disciples.

The Final Showdown

After you meet up with the Strikers, you must prepare for the Final Showdown, where you’ll attack the disciples in the final Warehouse. In this fight, you can enter the fight solo or accompanied by your Striker companions.

The fight won’t be more complicated than the ones that got you here, and you must head in to eliminate all enemies in your sight.

After you’ve killed all the Disciples in the Warehouse, you will have ended the gang rivalry, with the Strikers being the victorious gang.

The Strikers and Neon Security

After you eliminate the Disciples in the Final Warehouse, you’ll come across Owen Dexler. He will put an offer on the table for the Strikers to join Neon Security to compensate for all the damage that has been cost.

The Strikers will have no choice but to agree if they want to get out of Ebbside. After that, speak to Briggs, and he’ll reward you for the completion of this mission.

Should you side with Strikers or Disciples in Starfield?

If you agree to betray the Strikers, you’ll have to head to Madame Sauvage’s Place and eliminate the leaders of the Strikers. These include Briggs, Hatchet, Andrea, and Vogal.

If you side with the Strikers, you’ll eliminate Holt and his crew. After that, you’ll proceed with the mission and head to the Final Warehouse, eliminating the Disciples and ending the Strikers Storyline in Starfield.  

Based on which option you choose, you’ll get different sets of rewards in The Showdown in Starfield:

Rewards for Siding with the Disciples:

  • Street Sweeper Rare Pistol
  • Stack of ten 6.65mm CT bullets
  • Credits: 6000
  • EXP: 100

Rewards for Siding with the Strikers:

  • Street Sweeper Rare Pistol
  • Stack of ten 6.65mm CT bullets
  • Credits: 5000
  • EXP: 100
  • 10000 Credits (If you got armor from Newill’s)

In our opinion, the best option here is to side with the Strikers and destroy the Disciples. This is a better option as it offers better rewards, and you’ll be able to collect valuable loot, XP, and Credits as you kill all the Disciples. Moreover, you’ll be refunded the credits you used to purchase the armor from Newill’s.

Starfield – The Showdown bugs and fixes

Gamers have reported the following bugs in The Showdown mission in Starfield, and we’ll show you how to avoid or fix them:

Owen Dexler Hostile in Sight

Normally, after completing the final assault in the warehouse, Owen Dexler will approach you to talk. However, for some reason, players have been reporting that encountering Owen will make him and the Strikers hostile towards you. This will prevent a conversation between the two parties.

This happens when you’ve killed innocent civilians while clearing out the Disciples Hangouts. Killing civilians puts a bounty on your head, and it is the reason for Owen’s aggression.

To fix this, you must restart the quest with the objective of attacking the Disciples hangouts. Complete the mission this time without killing any civilians, and that should avoid this bug.

Hostility of the Strikers

During your mission, if you inflict accidental damage to any member of the Striker, this will result in the Strikers turning against you. Due to this, you won’t be able to further progress in the quest.

You must flee the planet and wait 48 hours on your ship to fix this. Once the time passes, return to the planet, and all members of the Strikers should be back to normal.

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