Starfield Sure Bet Walkthrough

In Sure Bet, a bartender asks you to raid an abandoned ship for some rare booze in Starfield. The Crimson Fleet are also after it.

Sure Bet is a side mission in Starfield where you raid an abandoned ship to collect booze for a bartender in exchange for rewards.

Although it sounds pretty simple, we can assure you it’s not, as you’ll have to battle multiple enemies, including the Crimson Fleet, to get your hands on the reward.

This side quest is quite enjoyable and is an opportunity to grab some exciting loot as you venture through the abandoned ship.

We have provided a complete walkthrough of Sure Bet in Starfield that will simplify the mission and its objectives and allow you to easily complete it.  

How to unlock the Sure Bet mission

Head to the Gagarin planet in the Alpha Centauri system to unlock Sure Bet in Starfield.

Head straight ahead and up to the roof when you land on the planet. Head to the outdoor bar with the red lighting and meet Lizzy Ajello, the bartender.


She’ll give you an objective to raid an abandoned ship for loot and booze. She’ll claim the ship has a luxury collection of booze.

In exchange for the liquor you retrieve, you’ll be rewarded with credits and other loot items you find aboard.

How to complete Sure Bet in Starfield

Once you get the mission objective from Lizzy, you must head towards Grisson, which is a mood on the Bondar Planet located in the same system you’re in.

Track down and board the abandoned ship  

The abandoned ship is called “Deimos Armored Transport” and you will encounter it by traveling through the Alpha Centauri System near Grisson.

Find and loot the abandoned ship for Lizzy's liquor.

As soon as you approach the abandoned ship, you will be swarmed by a few Crimson Fleet ships. They have come for the booze as well.

If you are doing the Crimson Fleet questline, the ships will not be hostile towards you. If you are not, though, you will have to defeat all of the ships before being able to dock the Deimos Armored Transport ship.

Make sure to set shields to max and attack them ferociously to eliminate them. Once you eliminate the enemy ships, head towards the abandoned ship and dock on it to continue the rest of the quest.

Eliminate the Spacers

As you head forward into the ship, you’ll come across multiple spacers equipped with weapons, and you must take them out to secure the loot for yourself.

Don’t waste your time searching for extra items on the ship since we looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything significant. You should focus on your main objective and head for it.

One of the best things about this mission is the alternating gravity on the ship, which keeps going on and off after some time, allowing you to float.

To make your way to the booze, head straight through the door to enter a large room where you must kill a couple of enemies.

The door to Lizzy’s liquor is locked. You need to find a way to open it in Starfield.

In front of you will be a door to all the booze, but it’s locked, and we must find an alternate path to get our items. There’s a hallway left of the door which you must take.

Find a way to open the locked storage door

Halfway down the hall, you’ll come to a door which leads to the storage room. Take out the enemies in here and head up the stairs and down the hall to reach an elevator.

You must use gravity to your advantage inside the elevator. As soon as the gravity goes off, climb through the ceiling of the elevator and enter the hallway. Going through the hall will lead you to a gigantic, turbine-looking machine.

Head through this area and down the path to follow your objective marker to a computer. You can use this computer to open the door that was previously locked.

Now, head back the entire way you came and through the previously locked door. Inside here, you must wait for the gravity trick to kick in.

As soon as you start floating, you’ll be able to see three doors. The one with the objective marker contains Lizzy’s Liquor, and you must head to it to collect it.

Return the liquor to Lizzy

Once you collect the booze from the abandoned vessel, head back the way you came, hop onto your ship, and head back to Gagarin.

You must find Lizzy where you met her last time and give her the Liquor for which she’ll reward you heavily. You may even be able to use your Persuasion Skills to get her to increase the rewards. And this will end your Sure Bet side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Sure Bet mission rewards

Upon completion of Sure Bet in Starfield, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • 8500 Credits

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