Sniper Elite 5 All Hidden Items Locations

There are eight missions in Sniper Elite 5 where each mission has three hidden items to collect, totaling up to...

There are eight missions in Sniper Elite 5 where each mission has three hidden items to collect, totaling up to 24 hidden items throughout the course of progression. The following guide will provide you with the location of all the hidden items in Sniper Elite 5 for a 100 percent completion.

What Are Hidden Items In Sniper Elite 5?

Hidden Items are one of several types of collectibles in Sniper Elite 5. Their purpose is to give you additional intel on your current mission but which you’ll rarely make use of.

You’ll only need to collect all of the Hidden Items if you’re gunning to find all of the collectibles in the game.

Hidden Item Locations

The Atlantic Wall Hidden Item Locations

Resistance Photo
It is in a Pharmacy beside the Central Plaza in Beachfront Town. You can collect the hidden item from a table inside the bedroom upstairs.

Radio Tin
It is on the farm on the eastern side of Steffen Beckendorf. Head inside the stable and you’ll find the Raio Tin.

FFI Flag
Make your way to the Farmhouse on the western side of the map. Go downstairs into the basement and you’ll find the FFI Flag on the drawing board besides some dishes.

Occupied Residence Hidden Item Locations

Old Man Statuette
Head to the Chateau Estate and locate Friedrich Kummler’s quarters in the west wing upstairs. Inside, remove the painting on the wall to reveal a locker that contains the Old Man Statuette.

Group Statuette
There are some dormitories on the third floor of the Chateau Estate. There will be a locked trunk inside these dormitories which contains the Group Statuette.

Soldier Statuette
You can get the Soldier Statuette by killing an enemy sniper in a room on the first floor of the outhouse, found in the northeast of the garden area behind the Chateau.

Spy Academy Hidden Item Locations

Kriegsmarine Playing Cards
Kriegsmarine Playing cards can be found on a table inside a pub in the western region of the island in the north.

Ornate Compass
Inside the same pub is a room that opens toward the seaside. Inside the room, open the safe to get the Ornate Compass.

Covert Ops Field Manual
Get to the basement of the building where Nazis are training for Operation Kraken. Go inside the recreation area opposite to Faux American Diner to collect the Covert Ops Field Manual from the table.

War Factory Hidden Item Locations

Gold Pocket Watch
You can collect the Gold Pocket Watch from the wooden beam board in the northeast area of the Scrapyard.

Stealth Plating
Make your way to the Shipping Warehouse. There will be boxes on the ground which contain the Stealth Plating.

P.1000 Ratte Plans
Go inside the Main Train Station in the southern region of the Factory. You will get the P.1000 Ratte Plans at the end of the corridor on the first floor of the station.

Festung Guernsey Hidden Item Locations

Todt Uniform Badge
Collect Todt Uniform Badge from a table in the green building, located east of the construction area.

Crystal Radio
Go to the corner most outhouse in the Dilapidated Farm. Crystal Radio is on table in a secret area in the floor of the outhouse.

Comfort Bag
It is in the main farmhouse building with blue windows. Head into the bedroom on the second floor. The Comfort Bag will be in one of the drawers.

Liberation Hidden Item Locations

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
To get Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, kill the bald Nazi trooper near the crashed plane in the center of the map.

Stolen Medals
There is a resistance cache inside the L-shaped building in the center of the map. You can get inside by sliding some planks to reveal a hatch. Jump in it to get the Stolen Medal from the table.

Engraved Lighter
Cross the bridge where you had to detonate the mortars to spot a building to your right, just before the armored tank. Head inside the building and then go upstairs. The Engraved Lighter will be in one of the bedrooms next to a briefcase.

Secret Weapons Hidden Item Locations

Peenemünde Lab ID
Get inside the dome opposite to V2 Launch Site using the Ladder. Go to the end of this dome and take the spiral corridor up to the first exit. Crawl under one of the tables to get the Peenemünde Lab ID from the canteen on the left of the exit.

Luftwaffe Playing Cards
Get to the guardhouse adjacent to the blocked bridge at the top of the map. Luftwaffe Playing Cards are on the table next to the wall on the bridge.

Prüfstand XII Plans
You will get Prufstand XII Plans next to the river on the rocky beach. Go below the eastern side of the bridge on the west of the map.

Rubble And Ruin Hidden Item Locations

An “Original” Adolf
It is on the second floor of the church, located in the southern region of the map. Use the ladder upon entering the church to get to the second floor. You will find An “Original” Adolf leaning along the corner of the wall.

Stolen Tonto
It can be found in the sewers. Upon entering the sewers, you will see a locked door. Use a key or a satchel charge to open the door. You will get the Stolen Tanto in the crate behind the door.

I-400 V2 Hanger
Enter the sewers in the military facility in the north of the map where you destroy the submarines. I-400 V2 Hanger is on the table in the room on the first floor of the military facility.

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