How to get the Ornate Key in Remnant 2

The remnant 2 Ornate Key is a quest item that allows you to unlock the Ornate Lockbox. You will find the key in the Yaesha world in 3 areas.

The Ornate Key in Remnant 2 is a quest item that allows the player to unlock the Ornate Lockbox. You will find the key is found in Yaesha. This item grants you the Thaen Seed which can prove very useful. It can be used in two very significant ways.
Due to the randomized nature of Remnant 2, locating the Ornate Key can be a bit tricky. But we’ve listed several areas where it can spawn. Here is how to get the Ornate Key and how to use it.

How to find the Ornate Key

You will mostly find the Remnant 2 Ornate Key within the Widow’s Court area in Yaesha. However, it will appear for you in several places. This is because of the procedurally generated nature of the game’s areas. Due to this the item spawns at random locations. The most common place for the ornate key to spawn in Remnant 2 is in the main square area with the large water fountain.

Ornate Key Remnant 2 map location

Reach the main fountain area by following the map above. Once you’re there, continue straight till you come upon a Pan warrior’s corpse. The key is right next to the body, along with a note detailing its use.

You can also find the ornate key across the chasm, which lies in front of the waterfall. Make your way to the left of the chasm and head straight till you reach the Pan Warrior.

Additionally, the key can spawn in one of the rooms towards the right side of the map. Head east and continue exploring until you find it. Locating the Remnant 2 Ornate Key will require a little trial and error. If you’re unable to find the key, simply reroll the area until it spawns in one of the three areas we’ve discussed above.

How to use the Ornate Key

In Remnant 2, the Ornate Key is used to unlock the Ornate Lockbox. It grants you the Thaen Seed item, with two possible uses. To locate the Ornate Lockbox, head south from the water fountain until you reach a chasm.


Take two immediate right turns and head into a small room located on your right. The Ornate Lockbox is located towards the left side of the bed, nestled between a couple of chairs.

What to do with the Ornate Lockbox

Having the key in your possession allows you to unlock the box straight away. This rewards you with the Thaen Seed item. You can then use the item in two separate ways. Start off by planting it in the garden found at Ward 13. It will help grow a Thaen tree.

Doing this will net you the Thaen fruit, a powerful self-revive item that also imbues you with the immunity status effects. The Thaen Fruit comes in three varieties. The variant you receive depends on how long you let the fruit mature on the tree. As you revive, each fruit will provide you with an additional 30 seconds of status immunity.

  • Mature Thaen Fruit: Revives an additional 30% health of your health.
  • Elder Thaen Fruit: Revives an additional 40% health of your health
  • Celestial Thaen Fruit: Revives an additional 50% health of your health.

Furthermore, the Thaen Seed is a tradeable item. Meaning, you can gift it to the likes of the Eternal Empress. Simply visit the World of Yaesha and head over to the Red Throne and present the gift. As a peace offering, you will be granted the Burden of the Rebel Ring.

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