What Is The Thaen Seed Used For In Remnant 2

Thaen Seed is quite an interesting item in Remnant 2 that you can keep instead of giving away for a quest, allowing you to get a unique consumable...

A lot of item descriptions in Remnant 2 clearly tell you what they are for and how to use them, while others are completely mind-boggling and players almost never have any idea what to do with these said items. One such item in Remnant 2 is the Thaen Seeds. These seeds are clearly for some fruits but how to use them and what those Thaen Fruits do in Remnant 2 is a mystery that we are here to solve.

How to get Thaen Seeds in Remnant 2

Thaen Seed is a quest item that can be quite difficult to find. While we can tell you the region where Thaen Seed is, we can’t give the exact location due to the RNG of Remnant 2. In order to get Thaen Seed, you need to be on the world of Yaesha.

Once you have unlocked The Widow’s Court area of Yaesha, you need to look for an Ornate Key. One of the possible locations for it should be on a Pan’s dead body near a waterfall. But if not, keep searching and looting Widow’s Court will you find it.

With the Ornate Key in inventory, now you need the Ornate Lockbox. Once again, you will have to search around for it. Once you get the Ornate Lockbox, open it with the Ornate Key. The lockbox contains the Thaen Seed you are looking for.

remnant 2 thaen seed

How to use Thaen Seeds in Remnant 2

Now comes the confusing part that we mentioned above. So far, we have discovered only two uses for Thaen Fruits in Remnant 2 but who knows, there might be more. Among one of those uses, there are also a variety of options presented to players from each Thaen Seed. So this is one rare item that you should definitely consider farming.

Growing Thaen Fruits

Thaen Seeds, as their name indicates, are seeds but ones with magical properties. Players can bring their Thaen Seeds to Ward 13. Here, Thaen Seeds can be planted in the dirt patches found in Ward 13 courtyard.


After planting the Thaen Seeds, water the seeds using a Waterskin and then wait for the seeds to grow. Thaen plants will slowly grow as the in-game time progresses, but you have the option to feed the plant Essence.

How often you come back to Ward 13 and interact with the plant also affects the growth speed of Thaen Plant.

remnant 2 thaen seed

The main aim of planting Thaen Seeds is to get the Thaen Fruits. The fruit is a one-use consumable item and works as a revive token for players. Whenever players die, with a Thaen Fruit in their inventory, they have the option to revive and continue where they left off. This makes Thaen Fruit quite an important consumable.

However, there is a big downside. Thaen Fruits will rot if it is either kept in your inventory for too long, so only pick your fruits when you are expecting to use them.

Now there are three different varieties of the Thaen Fruit. The first and the quickest variant to get is the Mature Thaen Fruit, which can be acquired after players plant the seed, and let it grow for a day. The Mature Thaen Fruit revives players with 30% of their total HP on death, and you also get resistance to all status ailments for 30 seconds.

If you leave your Mature Than Fruit on the plant for another day, and it will grow into the Elder Thaen Fruit. Elder Thaen Fruit is a better version of the Mature Thaen Fruit. The Elder Thaen Fruit restores 40% of your total HP on death and also provides the same resistance to status ailments for 30 seconds.

An Elder Thaen Fruit left on the plant will then grow into the Celestial Thaen Fruit. This is the top version of Thaen Fruit you can get. Celestial Thaen Fruit will revive you with 50% of your total HP and 30-second resistance to all status ailments upon death.

There is a fourth fruit you can get as well, the Ripened Heart. The Ripened Heart is a Relic, rather than a typical consumable. Using the Ripened Heart heals 35 HP in 0.5 Seconds, and 70 HP in the next 5 Seconds. Not really lucrative, but it can be used to counter the effects of some status ailments.

The fruit will grow after one day in real life, so it is quite a long wait. However, players can bypass this by changing the date on their PC or console manually, and this tricks the game into growing the Thaen Fruits faster in Remnant 2.

Trading for Burden of Rebel Ring

Another use for the Thaen Seeds is to present it to the Queen. You only need to present one Thaen Seed to the Queen. As a result, you will get the Burden of the Rebel ring.

The ring reduces all your skill cooldowns by 15% and increases the speed of your character using Relic by 25%.

The Burden of the Rebel also allows players to revive themselves once after dying. The effect is known as ‘Second Chance’. There is also a trade-off with the ring. The Burden of the Rebel increases all damage taken from every attack.

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