How To Get The Ripened Heart In Remnant 2

If you are stuck in some difficult situation, or boss fights in Remnant 2, where you are losing a lot of health, the Ripened Heart relic can rescue you by boosting your health.

One of the secret items that most players miss out on while playing Remnant 2 is the Ripened Heart Relic. This unique Relic grants you a significant health boost over time and is very useful in tough fights where you take a lot of damage.

Since the game doesn’t tell you how to get the Ripened Heart Relic – or if it even exists – let us show you how it’s done instead.

Ripened Heart relic in Remnant 2

To get Ripened Heart Relic in Remnant 2, you first need to find the Thaen Seed. This is because, unlike the rest of the Relics, the Ripened Heart grows on top of the Thaen Tree.

The Thaen Seed location

To find the Thaen Seed in Remnant 2, you must first get to the Widow’s Court in Yaesha. From the starting point, head north and then east around the waterfall and a couple of ruins until you come across a corpse.

An orange glow emits from the corpse, indicating the Ornate Key. Pick up this key and head into the room next to the corpse.

The entrance of this room should be right from where you came from. Once inside, use the stairs to reach the basement. From here, first, make your way down the left side and then jump across the game to the other end.


Continue north from here, and you will reach a dead end soon. A glowing lantern in Remnant 2 is on the left, but the adjacent wall is an illusion. You can walk right through the wall to reach the other end.

Make your way to the other end of this secret hall until you reach an elevator. Take this to the top and walk straight to the glowing table at the other end of the room.

The glow is from the Ornate Lockbox, which you must pick up. With the Ornate Lockbox in your inventory, use the Ornate Key to unlock it, and you receive a Thaen Seed from it.

Wait for the Thaen Tree to grow the Ripened Heart

After obtaining the Thaen Seed, you must head to Ward 13 and look for the garden opposite Mudtooth and Reginald. You can plant the Thaen Seed in one of the patches here to grow the Thaen Tree.

The Thaen Tree takes a full day to grow a particular type of Fruit. On the first day, it grows a Mature Thaen Fruit, an Elder Thaen Fruit on the second, and a Celestial Thaen Fruit on the third.

A yellow glow indicates the Celestial Thaen Fruit. You must first wait a few days until the Celestial Thaen Fruit is grown and eat it, repeating the process each time.

When you have eaten three Celestial Thaen Fruits, the fourth time Thaen Tree grows something, it grows the Ripened Heart Relic in Remnant 2 instead of a Celestial Thaen Fruit.

You may have noticed that this Relic might take much time to acquire, but there is a trick around it. You can change your PC’s time to the next day and visit the Thaen Tree each time you do – until you get the Ripened Heart Relic.

How to use the Ripened Heart

The Ripened Heart is a fantastic Relic that heals the user greatly over time. It first grants players 35 health almost instantly and then gives an extra 70 health over the next 5 seconds.

With such a significant boost to health, this Relic can get players out of most tough situations – especially in a boss fight where they are bound to take a lot of damage.

Another Relic that works similarly to the Ripened Heart in Remnant 2 is the Constrained Heart, which can also be used in most builds that require a lot of healing.

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