Remnant 2 Upgrade Materials Farming Guide

There are numerous upgrade materials scattered in Remnant 2 that you'll need to improve your equipment. Here's how to find them.

Upgrading your weapons is arguably one of the most important tasks you can perform in Remnant 2. As you progress into the main storyline, you will come across stronger and stronger enemies. They can give you a tough time if you face them with weak weapons. This is where your upgraded weapons come to your aid as they can make short work of these enemies. To upgrade them, you’ll need certain materials.

As such, you’ll need to farm these upgrade materials in high quantities in Remnant 2. Here is you can farm these materials in the game.

How to farm upgrade materials in Remnant 2

There are several Remnant 2 materials you use for upgrading your weapons and gear in Remnant 2. While most are difficult to farm, there are a few that can easily be acquired. Below is a list of all upgrade materials that you can farm in Remnant 2.


The easiest way to get Iron is to buy it for 10 Scraps from Cass. Cass is a merchant who resides in Ward 13 and you can easily buy this material easily. You can use Iron to upgrade your weapons up 5 levels and special weapons up 3 levels. Seeing its significance, you don’t want to miss out on this Material.


Simulacrum is another Remnant 2 upgrade material that is used to upgrade Relics. This is one of the more rarer items in the game. You can get one from Cass for 1500 Scraps. Other Simulacrums can be found in the world and you’ll need to keep an eye out for them.
The Simulacrum is one of the three items to upgrade Relics at Wallace’s shop.

Relic Dust

Relic Dust is another Upgrade Material you can get in Remnant 2. Unluckily, you can buy it from anywhere. You must explore each world and loot out chests to get your hands on this Material.
You can use Relic Dust at Rigs’ shop and upgrade weapons and gear.


Lumenite Crystal

Lumenite Crystal is another Upgrade Material, and you can buy it from Cass for 300 Scraps. Another way to get hold of this Lumenite Crystal is to kill Elite Enemies and pick Lumenite Crystal from their body.
The best use for Lumenite Crystals is to craft Engrams at Wallace’s shop. Other uses of Lumenite Crystals are upgrading special weapons and Relics.

Hardened Iron

The easiest way to get your hands on Hardened Iron Upgrade Material is to buy it from Cass for 300 Scraps. You can use Hardened Iron to upgrade regular and special weapons at Riggs’ shop in Ward 13.

Galvanized Iron

The best way to acquire Galvanized Iron is by looting the corpses of your enemies. This material starts dropping after you have reached power level 15 and beyond. Use Galvanized Iron to upgrade your weapons and gear at Riggs’s place.

Forged Iron

Forged Iron is another Upgrade Material, and you can buy it from Cass for only 25 Scarps. Another way to get hold of Forged Iron is to kill powerful enemies. Forged Iron is used to upgrade both special and regular weapons at Riggs’ shop.

Corrupted Lumenite Crystals

Corrupted Lumenite Crystal is one of the hardest upgrade materials to get your hands on. This material is a drop item from corrupted bosses. You can identify corrupt bosses from a red light surrounding them.

However, these corrupt bosses spawn at certain places, like in Marrow Parish. Whenever you start a new campaign start here, run to the asylum’s front yard, and you will most likely find Ripsaw.
You can upgrade Mutators that enhance your weapon’s ability using the material.

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