Remnant 2 Ripsaw Boss Guide

Ripsaw is an aberration and an optional boss to find and challenge in Remnant 2. He is basically a Chainsaw Elite Dran on steroids.

Ripsaw is an aberration in Remnant 2 and is part of the extensive list of bosses found in the game. Although it is optional boss, still can pose a challenge if taken on without any preparation.

He belongs to the Dran race and can be defined as Chainsaw Elite Dran on steroids. You will encounter the latter all around the region but this particular enemy aka Ripsaw is no match for the other ones.

Ripsaw will tower over your character rocking a gas-powered chainsaw leaving no stone unturned trying to rip you to shreds. You will encounter this beast in Losom and if you take our advice, keep a distance.

For more tips about how to defeat Ripsaw in Remnant 2, follow along because things are about to get real.

Where to find Ripsaw in Remnant 2

Before we dig deeper into the matter of how you can take down Ripsaw in Remnant 2, let’s have a look at where we can find him. You will find the chainsaw-wielding giant in Losom, more specifically in Morrow Parish.

Depending on the dice roll and how the location pans out for you, Morrow Parish is one of the possible starting locations for Losom. This world can be more of a post-apocalyptic London, infested with blood-thirsty demi-humans.


As for Morrow Parish, the location has a grand manor in the center with an asylum in the basement, accessible through the stairs from the side. At the front, you will find a courtyard with access to a locked metal gate, opposite to which will be the main entrance to the villa.

Ripsaw will be locked inside a wooden shed toward the right of the metal gate, while you are facing away from the manor. If you pay a little attention, as soon as you enter the courtyard, you will start to hear the growling along with him pounding at the shed door.

Approach with caution because things are gonna get serious from this point onwards.

How to defeat Ripsaw in Remnant 2

Defeating Ripsaw can be a piece of cake if you are well-versed in terms of its attack patterns. First and foremost, the brawl will not initiate until and unless you try to unlock the shed door.

Before you get a chance to fully unlock it, Ripsaw will rip through the wooden door, pushing you onto the ground.  At first sight, he will try to cut open your face with a powered chainsaw and you will need to smash the prompted button as quick as you can to fill up the meter and push him aside.

Once you are off the ground, there are a couple of attacks, you need to be wary of. Ripsaw can teleport and can appear right in front of your face. The giveaway of this is going to be a glitch pattern on the screen immediately after which you need to dodge and roll back.

The rest of the attack is simple swipes, slashes, and running at you with his chainsaw. All of these can be avoided by dodge and roll. The key is to maintain a safe distance because Ripsaw doesn’t have any ranged attacks in his arsenal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must stay within the open area because there are a couple of tight corners and dead-end alleys. If you are stuck in them, it can prove to be fatal.

Ripsaw’s bulky physique eats up most of your attacks but like every enemy, Ripsaw also has a weakness. The weak spot on Ripsaw’s body is head cowboy hat-covered head.

The simple trick is to run keep facing him, roll in the opposite direction to gain some distance, and then blast his face with bullets. Rinse and repeat and you will take him down in a matter of minutes.

Rewards for defeating Ripsaw

As mentioned earlier, Ripsaw is an aberration, and as we know that all aberrations have a chance of dropping a Mutator along with other random items. Ripsaw has a chance of dropping the following items upon getting defeated.

  • Striker
  • Corrupted Lumenite Crystal x2 (x7 if player has mutator)
  • Rune Fragment
  • Scrap

Remnant 2 Ripsaw alt kill

In Remnant 2, the world bosses can oftentimes have an alternate method by which they can be annihilated. Alt Kill can influence the reward dropped by the boss.

Unfortunately, Ripsaw is not a world boss so there is no alt kill method for him in Remnant 2.

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