Remnant 2 Simulacrum Locations Guide

Simulacrum is a material that is needed to upgrade relics in Remnant 2. As useful as it is, it's quite rare. Here's how to find it.

Relics are best friends as you traverse through the post-apocalyptic world of Remnant 2. These are consumable items, that can heal you and provide various buffs. The best part about these relics is that they can be upgraded. But to do so, you will need to get a very rare resource known as Simulacrum.

This rare resource is difficult to acquire and only a limited quantity exists in the game. As such, we have given you the locations from where you can find Simulacrum in the game and use it to upgrade your relics. 

How to farm Simulacrum in Remnant 2 

Simulacrum is a rare resource in Remnant 2 and can be quite difficult to get. If you are lucky, you can find it while opening chests and looting enemies but that’s a once-in-a-blue-moon scenario. You can’t really rely on it to farm Simulacrum in the game.

However, there are certain locations where you can find this material guaranteed. They are given as follows.

Buy Simulacrum from Cass( ward 13) 

When you begin Remnant 2, you’ll be introduced to a character named Cass. She’ll be your character’s friend and will get injured shortly after. You’ll help her get to Ward 13 where she gets the help she needs. Sometime later, she’ll also become a merchant and will have some goods on offer.

Interact with her and go through her inventory, you will see that Cass will be selling 1 x Simulacrum for 1,500 Scraps 


City of Losomn 

The City of Losomn is an eerie location and the first area you’ll visit as part of the campaign. Head to the Marrow Parish and go towards the asylum yard in that area. Now, you’ll spot a shed there, and inside will be a mini-boss welding a chainsaw called Ripsaw.  

Take down the boss and then go to the shed where you can find a Simulacrum inside.

N’erud Zone

Reroll the N’erud zone until you find the Phantom Wasteland. You’ll need to find the Putrid Domain dungeon in this area. Go through it until you are taken to another overworld called the Timeless Horizon. Go towards the edge of the map past the Terminus Station. You’ll spot another facility and here you’ll see a Simulacrum along its outer walls.

Forbidden Grove in Yeasha Region 

The Forbidden Grove is an area located in the Yeasha Region in Remnant 2. Getting to the simulacrum in this area can be a bit complex so follow along. 

You need to make your way to the Forbidden Grove where you’ll find the Water Harp Puzzle. Now from here, you’ll have to solve a very tricky puzzle the solution will be the following: 

  • Row 1  = Fifth peg 
  • Row 2 =  none 
  • Row 3 = Fourth peg 
  • Row 4 = none  
  • Row 5 = third peg 
  • Row 6 = fourth peg  
  • Row 7 =  First peg 
  • Row  8 = none  

After completing the puzzle, 1x Simulacrum will be located near the mechanism, on the side of the building.

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