How To Farm Relic Dust In Remnant 2?

To upgrade your Relics in Remnant 2, you will need a material known as Relic Dust. It is dropped by elite level enemies and is rare to find. However, it is possible to farm it if you know how.

Relic Dust in Remnant 2 is a crafting material and a vital resource. These enigmatic shards contain immense power and prove useful in upgrading your “Heart” (Relic), providing various bonuses like increased Mod damage, increased Healing effectiveness, and more. As such, it is important to know how to farm Relic Dust in vast quantities in Remnant 2.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to farm Relic Dust efficiently, ensuring your arsenal remains potent as you delve deeper into the game.

Farm Relic Dust In Yeasha In Remnant 2

The only setback of this crafting material is that there are no fixed locations to find it. Typically, these are dropped from elite enemies and bosses in different worlds, and there is a small probability of finding them in chests near the Red Throne in Yaesha.

If you get the Relic Dust from an enemy, go to a nearby checkpoint and rest for some time. This allows the enemy to respawn, giving you another chance to collect. Setting the game to high difficulty will increase your chance of encountering elite enemies.

Before moving on to the farming part, get the One True King Sigil reroll your adventure mode to apocalypse difficulty, and head to the palace courtyard. Once you zone into the courtyard with the sigil equipped, run up to the statue, and it will rise; the first time you interact with it, it will give you a Relic Heart. However, it’ll give you 15 Relic Dust on the second and further tries. You can zone back out to ward 13, reset, and repeat the farming process in the courtyard.

Losomn Relic Dust Farming

Losomn is another best place to farm Relic Dust in Remnant 2. Reroll your adventure mode and look for The Great Sewers. If your world doesn’t have it, it might have Harvester’s Reach, which is equally useful. Just clear out the sewers, and you will have plenty of relic dust. Reroll, clear, and repeat until you have your desired amount.

How to Use Relic Dust?

Once you have the Relic Dust, take it to the Relic Merchant in Ward 13, and he will craft items for you to help you upgrade your gear and weapons. You can get Power Mutators for your gear and higher-quality Relic Fragments using Relic Dust. But it is sort of a gambling game, as you won’t know what quality of the item you get until you make the purchase.

You can use the Relic Dust to upgrade either Red, Blue, or Yellow Relic Fragments, each for 15 Relic Dust. Or you can craft the given mutators,

Mutator NamePrice
Battery75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Deadly Calm75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Dervish75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Feedback75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Harmonizer75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Resentment75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Shield Breaker75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Slayer75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
Weapon Lord75 Relic Dust 500 Scrap
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