How To Farm Relic Dust In Remnant 2

Relic Dust in Remnant 2 is one of the crafting materials that can be used to upgrade a vital part...

Relic Dust in Remnant 2 is one of the crafting materials that can be used to upgrade a vital part of your character, Relics. Relic Fragments are basically upgrades for your “Heart” (Relic) and can provide various bonuses like increased Mod damage, increasing Healing effectiveness and more.

Slotting the best quality of Relic Fragments can make your character a force to be reckoned with. However, in order to upgrade or get higher quality relic fragments, you need to find Remnant 2 Relic Dust which is not easy to come by.

Remnant 2 Relic Dust farming locations

There is no fixed location where you can get Relic Dust. Typically they are a drop from elite enemies in the various worlds of Remnant 2. So you need to explore and wait till you hear the telltale sound of an elite enemy spawning among a wave of smaller enemies. Kill them and you are bound to get a little bit of Relic Dust.

The Relic dust cannot be purchased from any of the locations, or shops. You can also possibly get it as a reward from some loot chest and missions but once again, there is no guarantee of it.

Another way of obtaining Relic Dust is by making your way to dungeons bosses and out-world bosses to bring them down.

In case, you are able to look for an elite enemy nearby a checkpoint, interact with the checkpoint which will help you to respawn again, so the enemies keep respawning and you increase your chance to get this upgrading material. This way can be used for semi-decent farming.


Losomn is the best place to farm Relic Dust. Reroll your adventure mode and look for The Great Sewers. If your world doesn’t have it, it might have Harvester’s Reach which is equally useful. Just clear out the sewers and you will have plenty of relic dust.

Where to use Relic Dust

To upgrade your gears and weapon, you have to make your way to Rigs’ Shop where you are able to use Relic Dust in Remnant 2. Power Mutators for your gear and Higher quality Relic Fragments can be bought using Relic Dust. But it is sort of a gambling game as you won’t know what quality of item you get until you make the purchase.

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