How To Get The Song Of Eafir In Remnant 2

You need to get your hands on the Scroll of Binding first before being able to craft the Song of Eafir mod in Remnant 2.

Song of Eafir is a weapon mod in Remnant 2. Since it is not customized for a single weapon, it can be equipped with any weapon with an available slot.

It infuses ammo with the power to inflict stagger and slow till the song completes its duration. You are going to need a unique crafting material to be able to craft this weapon mod. Here is what you do.

How to get the Song of Eafir in Remnant 2

Like many weapon mods, Song of Eafir is crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 for which she will ask you to bring a Scroll of Binding along with 5 Lumenite Crystals and 500 Scrap.

Scroll of Binding is a special item for crafting the Song of Eafir. It contains the composition of a melodious harmony that is believed to even pacify the untamable. This ancient scroll passed through the hands of Pan Musicians for generations.

To get the Scroll of Binding, you need to solve the Water Harp puzzle in the Forbidden Groves of Yaesha. You need to play both of the flautist songs to complete the event and gain access to the Corrupted Ravager.

The puzzle solution here is “1-4-0-2-5-0-3-0” which will give you the Bolt Driver handgun. Speak with the flautist again afterward to get the Scroll of Binding.


After obtaining the Scroll of Binding, take the Lumenite Crystal and Scrap back to McCabe for crafting the Song of Eafir weapon mod in Remnant 2.

Song of Eafir effects and builds

Song of Eafir is one of the best mods in Remnant 2. It bestows the ammunition with Song of Eafir binding power which deals 150 damage to flying enemies and Staggers ground enemies within a 10m radius.

The shots spawn a field that applies Slow on enemies within a 15m radius. The enemies affected with Slow deal 15% less damage for the duration of the song, which lasts for 15s.

This mod can be applied to any weapon with an available slot for Weapon Mod but you will require 1000 Mod Power to equip it.  

Song of Eafir is excellent for tackling AoE content around elite and weak mobs. The damage reduction passive is very helpful in higher difficulties where survival comes at a hefty price.

Its limitations become highlighted in boss fights where the passive has little to no effect. This is because many bosses in Remnant 2 have debuff resistance or immunity which makes the mod restricted to smaller to elite enemies.

Song of Eafir is versatile and can fit many different builds in Remnant 2 but has found the most popularity in Handler Archetype builds. Diverse builds like Attack Dog build or running Medic as secondary with Handler Class make full use of this mod. In some cases, Archon and Summoner Class have found Song of Eafir a suitable option in their builds.  

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