How To Solve The Water Harp Music Puzzle In Remnant 2

The Water Harp Music Puzzle has you play a certain tune in Remnant 2 and you earn a nice trophy in return. Here's how to play it!

The Secret Water Harp Music Puzzle in a different way while exploring Yaesha in Remnant 2. The world opens up after you defeat the Ravager and have solved the Water Heart puzzle. You use a tune to access the boss, but now you have to create a different one to unlock a few items. 

You will find the actual flutist in the Yaesha world playing the flute. Listen closely and try to remember the notes because you need to copy that tune to play the Secret Water Harp song. In doing so you will obtain the Carnage in C-Minor Trophy in Remnant 2. Here’s how you can do it.

The Water Harp puzzle solution in Remnant 2 

The rules for this song remain the same as the first song puzzle. You will find eight rows of pins, and the correct sequence will unlock the achievement. The thing to remember here is that you can only activate one pin at a time.  

secret water harp song

It is common to skip some rows. As such follow the sequence below to play the Secret Water Harp song in Remnant 2. 


Water Harp Music Puzzle rewards in Remnant 2 

The solution to this puzzle will unlock the C-Minor Trophy achievement along with a powerful Handgun in Remnant 2. The Bold Driver handgun is behind the water harp area, and a pillar will appear from the ground containing the weapon after you play the song. 

The weapon is a chargeable pistol that fires three shots with high accuracy and damage output. However, the only issue with this weapon is its slow fire rate, but still, it is a great weapon to use against enemies. 


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